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Chemical and Petrochemical Industry Instrumentation

Electromagnetic Flow meter
Electromagnetic Flow meter
a.Large flow meter sizes option from DN10 to DN2000.
b.Different wet parts material for different kinds chemical fluids measurement, non-cor
rosive  or aggressive mediums, all is possible, such as Acid, alkali, different kinds chemical solvents.
c.Housing or flange material can be also stainless steel.
d.Explosion proof (Exd eia IIC T3~T6) option.

Variable area flowmeter
(metal tube rotometer)
Variable area flowmeter
Variable area flowmeter (metal tube rotometer) can have local readings by looking at the position of a float within a metering tube. It can have stainless steel material even PTFE material for corrosive medium measurement which is often requested in chemical and petrochemical industry.
Variable area flow meter can not only realize local display, it can also have 4-20Ma output, hart communication and relay output for different control demands in chemical and petrochemical industry
The variable area flowmeter (metal tube rotameter) is best choice for middle to small flow range measurement. It provides a solution to chemical and petrochemical fields low flow measurement requirements.
a.Good choice for middle-low flow measurement
b.Different wet material parts option for different chemical measurements, such as stainless steel 316L,PTFE.
c.Not only vertical mounting, also with horizontal mounting for different install demands.
Option with 4-20mA,Hart, relay output for different control purpose in chemical and petrochemical industry

Gas turbine Flow meter

Gas turbine Flow meter
Gas turbine flow meter has excellent performance under both low and high pressure, various ways of signal output and low sensitivity to the fluid turbulence. Thus it is widely applied to the measurement of gas flow, such as natural gas, coal gas, LPG ,light hydrocarbon gas and so on.
a.High accuracy, standard accuracy:±1.5%R,option±1.0%R
b.New design sensor, low flow start, low pressure loss, good shock resistance and anti-fluctuation, long life time.
c.Premium rectifier, not hard demand on straight pipes in down and up stream.
d.Good Turn down ratio, 30:1-10:1
e.The instrument K factor can be linear corrected by max 8 points to improve the flow meter calculation accuracy.
f.The flow meter display can be rotated by 180 degree and easy for installation.
Good repeatability, it can be 0.05R-0.2R in short time, so it is good

Thermal Mass Flow meter
Thermal Mass Flow meter
Thermal mass flow meter can directly measure fluid mass flow without requiring temperature and pressure compensation.
a.Direct trade settlement,
b.No movable components,
c.Small pressure loss,
d.Wide range ratio,
e.high accuracy,
f.High reliability, simple installation and convenient operation.

Liquid Turbine Flow meter
Liquid Turbine Flow meter
Liquid turbine flow meter is often used by customers for chemical and petrochemical industry for below advantages.
a.High accuracy but low cost flow meter .
b.Perfect choice for clean and low viscosity fluids, such as clean water, diesel, not-corrosive chemical solvent.,etc.
c.Different outputs and communications for different control purpose in chemical industry.

Oval gear flow meter

Oval gear flow meter
Oval gear flow meter
Oval gear flow meter which is a kind of positive displacement can be used in in chemical and petrochemical industry. The rough conditions at sea demand tough and robust constructions.
a.Oval gear flow meter is used to transfer high viscosity liquids with good repeatability and durability.
b. Large flow range, low pressure loss, robust constructions
c.Mechanical register , also option with digital display, pulse output ,4-20mA output
d.Cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel material option for different in chemical and petrochemical application demands.

V ortex Flow meter

Vortex Flow meter
a.Wide application in chemical and petrochemical industry ,such as :
Gas: Air, carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen, gas, natural gas and other chemical gases, etc.,
Liquid: water, high temperature water, oil, chemical liquid,
Steam: saturated steam, superheated steam;
b.It is good choice for steam measurement with external temperature and pressure compensation.
c.Different installation methods, such as wafer connection, flange connection, insertion type.

Coriolis Mass Flow meter

Coriolis Mass Flow meter
a.All in one measurement, it can measure mass flow , temperature and density of medium.
b.Coriolis mass flow meters do not have any moving parts.
c.No strict straight pipeline request for Coriolis mass flow meter installation.
d.The meters are designed for excellent performance in even the harshest operating environment which can be used in marine harsh environment.
e.Flow meters are fabricated with stainless steel 316.

Paperless Recorder
Paperless Recorder
Paperless Recorders and data acquisition systems are widely used in chemical and petrochemical industry, it can record temperature, flow , pressure ,voltage, frequency in the process control.
a.Max with 48 channels, 1 to 48 channels options.
b.Can have 4-20mA or alarm output
c.RS485 function, E-Ethernet
d.It can record temperature, flow, pressure, voltage, frequency in the process control.

a.Copper ,stainless steel or plastic material options for different chemical and petrochemical demands
b.Pressure gauge with electrical contact for various process control demands.
c.Different kinds process connections tailored for customers
d.Robust diaphragm seals with different materials.

Pressure Transmitters, DP transmitters and diaphragm seal transmitters
Pressure Transmitters, DP transmitters and diaphragm seal transmitters

a.Pressure ,differential pressure, absolute pressure ,negative pressure measurement
b.Different kind of diaphragm seals and process connections for chemical and petrochemical industry.
c.4-20mA output , digital display and Hart Protocol option

RTD & Thermocouple, temperature transmitter
RTD & Thermocouple, temperature transmitter
a.RTD & Thermocouple with different temperature ranges
b.Process connections tailored for customers demands.
c.Option with 4-20mA output and Hart Protocol.
d.Custom tailored temperature sensing solutions to meet the unique requirements of the chemical and petrochemical service equipment OEM.  We provide our sensor assemblies promptly and cost effectively to our valued customers.

Radar level meter/Guided wave radar level meter
Radar level meter/Guided wave radar level meter
.Applications for simple medium, also for dust, dew, solids, erosive, bubble applications in chemical and petrochemical industry
b.4-20mA output ,also with Hart/RS485 option
c.Cost effective price also with robust constructions
d.Different process connections

Ultrasonic Level meter
Ultrasonic Level meter
Ultrasonic level meter is for continuous non-contact level measurement in liquids and solids. It consists of probe and host, both of which are plastic leak-proof structure.
a.Max level range 40m
b.Wet parts material option with plastic and PTFE
c.Digital display, 4-20mA output, RS485,HART protocol option
d.Option with SPDT outputs
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