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Micro liquid flow sensor

Micro liquid flow sensor

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What is micro liquid flow sensor?

Positive displacement flowmeters are used to measure the volume fluid flowing through a pipeline; it is a kind of perfect micro liquid flow sensor. At the beginning, there were domestic gas meters and propane gas flow meters for measuring city gas consumption, and gasoline flow meters for commercial measurement at gasoline stations. Now various forms of micro liquid flow sensor are used in the flow measurement of various liquids.
In principle, the low flow rate liquid is filled with a space with a certain volume, and then this part of the fluid is passed to the outflow port to flow out, so it is called a positive displacement flowmeter, short for PD flow meter. All countries in the world have tried to produce various types of instruments for use of low flow liquid flow rate measurement.

How do Micro liquid flow sensor work?

micro liquid flow sensor
The method of measuring the volume of liquids with tipping buckets has long been mastered. A volumetric micro liquid flow sensor that measures the volume of fluid flowing through a pipeline based on the same principle. There are various types of PD flowmeters available, and the inside of the flowmeter has space for a certain volume of "buckets", which is the characteristic of this type of flowmeter.
The rotor inside the low flowmeter rotates under the pressure of the fluid flowing from the inflow port. With the rotation of the rotor, the fluid flows from the inflow port to the outflow port. A space of a certain volume is formed between them, so that the flowing fluid fills this space, and with the rotation of the rotor, the liquid is sent to the outflow port. If the volume of the space is obtained in advance, and the number of rotations of the rotor is measured, the volume given by the space can be obtained, and the volume of the fluid flowing through can be obtained. In addition, the flow rate of the fluid can be obtained from the number of rotations of the rotor measured per unit time. This is the measurement principle of a positive displacement micro flowmeter.

Liquid can be measured by micro liquid flow sensor

Water, drop water or oil,hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, sea water, nitric acid, hydrofluoric acid, sodium hydroxide, chemical liquid, fuel oil, asphalt, crotonic acid, hydrogen peroxide, sulfochloride, cocoyl chloride; Antiscalant,Sodium Bisulphite,NaOCl, Fe Cl3, soybean oil, biocide transfer, high viscosity liquid flow meter, paint, flavor dispensing project, syrups (viscid),Seawater,  food industrial (coffee extract) , water and polyurethane are available for steel product, solvent, strong acid, waste tar is mixture of oligomer strands, not exactly solid particle,  Viscose Waste liquid/tar, acrylonitrile, styrene oglimers, Hydro Chloric Acid Flow meter, Liquid (Water based), Kerosene (fuel),Asphalt emulsion,  dosing sodium chlorite, distillation tower and secondary devolatilization outlet containing acrylonitrile and styrene oligomers.

Specifications of micro liquid flow sensor

  • Low flow liquid flow meter can detect Flow rate: ultras low flow 0.6 LPH to 333 LPM, can even measure drop water or drop oil;
  • Micro Flow sensor size can fit line size: DN3, DN4, D6,6 mm,1/8inch.3/8”,1/2”,3/4 inch, 1 inch,1-1.5 inch
  • Accuracy: 0.5%
  • Instrumentation material: SUS 304 material, SUS 316 material, aluminum, Teflon (PTFE),plastic PPS;
  • Low flow indicator, with LCD display to show liquid flow rate;
  • Liquid Pressure Range: 0 to 400 bar
  • Temperature: liquid: -20 C / + 170°C , ambient: -15 / + 80°C
  • Electrical Power: 24 VDC
  • Signal Interface: 4-20 mA, MODBUS RS485 Serial port communication;
  • Gravity feed flow meter
  • IP65
  • Process connection: thread process , NPT, BSP.,etc, tri-clamp, tri-clover, compressing fitting ,flange ASME, JIS 10K, 20K, ANSI 150LB,300LB,600LB,DIN ,EN1092-1; Pagoda connection

Pressure loss of micro liquid flow sensor

PD type micro liquid flow sensor is a volumetric flowmeter, low flow liquid pushes the moving parts to move, it is impossible to completely eliminate the mechanical resistance caused by this action with the current technology. Mechanical resistance differential pressure. In addition, there is the pressure loss caused by the viscous force of the fluid flowing through the volumetric flowmeter, which in total makes the pressure loss of most volumetric flowmeters inevitable. Generally, the flange part before and after the flowmeter is used as the pressure measurement port, and the pressure difference measured here can be regarded as the pressure loss of the flowmeter. This pressure loss characteristic is an important property of the flowmeter.
From the overall consideration of the industrial pipeline, it is better to reduce this pressure loss. Considering the influence of the pressure difference on the error, it is also hoped that the pressure loss is as small as possible. The pressure loss increases with the increase of fluid flow, and the higher the viscosity of the fluid, the greater the pressure loss.

How to choose a low flow flowmeter?

There are many kinds of small flow meters, such as low flow mass flow meter, ultra low flow PD flow meter, micro magnetic flow meters you should pay attention to the selection.
You should choose the low flow flow meter type according to the fluids you mesure. At the same time, there are also flowmeters suitable for measuring high-pressure, low-pressure, viscous or aggressive fluids, and there are also flowmeters that automatically stop every time a certain amount of fluid passes through. Therefore, the flowmeter should be selected according to the measurement purpose, the type of fluid to be measured, and the measurement location.

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