Panel Meters

Panel meters are often requested by our customers, such as temperature controller, flow rate totalizer , batch controller.,etc. together with other primary measurement instrumentation. China digital controllers are often surpass customers’ expect for its cheap price, instant delivery, easy configuration and reliable performance.

Our flow totalizer is universal flow monitors, it can receive 4-20mA or pulse output from electromagnetic flow meter, vortex flow meters, variable area flow meters, DP flow meters .etc to act as gas flow indicator or liquid counter. Our standard flow totalizer is configured with temperature and pressure compensation which allows customer to realize mass flow calculation after receiving temperature and pressure signals. Our flow totalzier can even have NO.NC output , RS485 functions to meet varies function requirements.

Batch controller is equipped with flow measurement applications where accurate measuring and control of batch quantities are needed. Our batch controller is with digital display,easy configuration and multiple functions.

Product Category

  • AJ Flow Totalizer
    AJ Flow Totalizer

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  • AJ-D Series Batch Controller
    AJ-D Series Batch Controller

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  • SHR-5620 Digital Display Volumetric Meter
    SHR-5620 Digital Display Volumetric Meter

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