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flow meterFlow meters can also be used in air condition industry, such as to measure refrigerant flow, here is the case for Refrigerant flow meter selection, let’s see the case:

We have a requirement for a flow meter (Refrigerant mass flow meter preferred, or alternatively volume) for the refrigerant in a domestic air conditioning system. We are after an ex-stock meter or lead time within a couple of weeks. Can you please advise if you have a suitable meter available? 

Fluid: R410a refrigerant, the meter is being placed in the liquid line between the condenser and the TX valve, however, it will have a small amount of gas in the liquid refrigerant.
Operating pressure: 0 bar g to approximately 40 bar g; though under fault conditions potentially up to max 65bar.
Fluid Temperature: 0 to 50C
Ambient temp: 0 to 46C
Flow rate: 200kg/h to 800kg/h
Fluid density: approximately 1000 to 1200 kg/m3
Process connections: Threaded fittings preferred. Refrigerant pipe size is 3/8” copper.
Outputs: 0-10Vdc, or 4-20mA, or pulse, or Modbus
Accuracy: under 1%
Another thing to be noted is that the flowmeter/connection should be protecting the gas to leak (as the gas may leak)
The fitting can be internal or external, whatever you suggest.
The liquid is non-conductive, so suggest the appropriate flowmeter
Thanks for your information, liquid turbine flow meter is a kind of volume flow meter, also the price is really low, but you should exhaust air if you want to use turbine flow meters. As you know the gas in the medium will cause really poor accuracy.
You are right, Coriolis mass flow meter is a perfect choice used as refrigerant mass flow meter  , also it is mass flow measurement as your desired, the best part is that there is no problem at all that a small amount of gas existing in the fluid R410a refrigerant.
We may not have good delivery time for your required type mass flow meters, because it is high-pressure type, we will make 6.5 Mpa high pressure rating flow meters, needs longer delivery time.
Besides we choose DN15 coriolis meter for your application, see below our Mass meter flow range table:
Mass meter flow range table

Correct type for your Refrigerant mass flow measurement is as below:
Coriolis mass flow meter to be used as Refrigerant mass flow meter
SH-CMF-15-P4-H1-T1-O1-C1-E1-A1-B1-M1-PC3 ( high pressure 6.5 Mpa)
SH-CMF- Silver Automation Instruments Coriolis mass flow meter
15- Flow meter size 15mm
P4-Pressure rating: special demand high pressure 6.5 Mpa
H1-Compact type Flow meter
T1-Mediem temperature range: -50~150 ℃
O1- Flow meter output 4-20Ma
C1-No communication needed (such as Modbus RTU or HART protocol)
E1-Haardous area: intrinsically safe, Exib ib IIC T5 Gb
A1-Accuracy: 0.15%
B1-No batch control required
P1-Flow meter power supply: 24 V DC
M1-Coriolis mass flow meter tube material: 316L stainless steel
PC3-Flow meter process connection: weld thread
Mass meter Catalog link reference:

If you want to know the price of the Coriolis mass flow meter which selected above, welcome to send email to us. We are a China superior Coriolis mass flow meter supplier, and can provide good price also correct type Coriolis mass flow meter.
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