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Sewage Level Sensor

Liquid level meter is a special measuring instrument for measuring liquid medium.  Liquid level meter is widely applied in sewage treatment, and its effect on sewage treatment is also very great.

Grid operation control

The magnetic level gauge is installed on the coarse grille and the fine grille. The degree of grille obstruction is reflected by the difference of the liquid level of the grid, and it is transmitted to the PLC controller for analysis and calculation. When the level difference exceeds the preset value,  it will control grille to operate and remove garbage to guarantee normal water crossing, reduce the wear of the equipment and improve the control of pump operation. In order to realize the automatic control of the pump, two magnetic column gauges are installed at the well of the intake pump to measure the water level of the pump well and transmit it to the PLC controller to has systematic analysis. According to the control program corresponding to the measured value, the operation combination of the lifting pump is automatically controlled. It can adjust the pump running state accurately and timely according to the external water to reduce the fatigue of equipment. At the same time, it can eliminate the cost of human resources of the traditional pumping station shifts. The flow and processing capacity can be monitored through a real time glass tube level meter.  The water quantity is an important control parameter for the operation and management of the sewage treatment plant. Mastering the inflow amount precisely and timely is important to the control of the process and the improvement of the capacity of the sewage treatment plant to resist the impact capacity of the hydraulic load.

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