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You probably looked for this article because there is so much you need to understand about a remote seal pressure transmitter in detail, which is, in some instances, referred to as a chemical or a diaphragm seal. Below we explain what the remote seal pressure transmitter is, why we need to use diaphragm seal pressure transmitter, its features as well as its pros.

What is a remote seal pressure transmitter?

Well, a remote seal pressure transmitter includes two items, just as the name dictates, a remote seal, and a pressure transmitter. These two are connected by a capillary tube. They work together to transmit the pressure fluid to the transmitter sensor indirectly. The primary function of this device is to measure the pressure in a liquid or even gas. They are commonly used in industries, inside the industrial machines, to alert the users before a catastrophe occurs. It is capillary type pressure transmitter. The pressure transmitter is also known as the pressure sensor.

Why use remote seal pressure transmitters and applications?

It is not as easy as it may sound to measure pressure or differential pressure. Often, the elements used to measure pressure do not come into direct contact with the fluid or gas in question; this is because there stand to be chances of corrosion or clogging of capillaries. The remote seal pressure becomes necessary when there is a need to isolate the transmitter from the processor for any reason that may come up. It easy to maintain the fluid between the tap and the wire, especially on low pressure.

The diaphragm seal pressure transmitter is applied when the process temperature is higher than the maximum limit when the application is being conducted in limited space. When the medium is corrosive and demands cleaning of the measuring point as well as the event, that medium has solid particles or high viscosity.

Features of a remote seal pressure transmitter and its advantage

The remote seal pressure transmitter has a dynamic profile, which ensures that the diaphragm does not damage after overload, and the accuracy will not change after a long term work. It also has the filling system with rigid sealing structures that are selected to ensure there is no occurrence of oil spillage. The device also has a novelly designed capillary that is not easy to break when in use. It also has a variety, size, and form of the remote transmission device. This ensures that it meets measurement needs in various occasions. It has a micro capacitance silicon sensor that assures this feature of accuracy for all elevated calibration ranges without any adjustments. It is also designed in a way that protects the pressure sensor against changes in temperature, which in other applications may lead to measurement error. It also has the seals that manage the high temperatures.

The remote seal pressure transmitter has various advantages that come with it; this includes giving accurate and reliable results, protects the gauge from extreme heat, and is also made to withstand the harsh working environment. With this device, you expect accuracy in all measurements and efficiency in all industrial applications, depending on it without any additional adjustments needed. Protection Status