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In 3 situations when diaphragm seal pressure gauges are needed

Diaphragm pressure gauge is a kind of pressure measuring instruments combining the manometer and diaphragm seal (chemical seal).This kind of pressure measuring devices are often used when critical fluids are needed to measure pressure value. With suitable type diaphragm seal pressure gauge, the measurement can be stable and worked in long time. Below is the article talks about in 3 situations, diaphragm pressure gauges are needed.

Aggressive fluids pressure measurement

crosive pressure gauge
When corrosive fluids needed to measure pressure value, we often choose anti-corrosive wet part material as for example we need to measure sulfuric acid, alkali .,etc , we can select PTFE lining material diaphragm seal. Besides, users have other options such as HC, Tantalum, Monel for other media.

Fluids with high viscosity

It is also a tough job when users need to measure fluids with high viscosity, easy crystallsing and easy to be contaminated. The fluids can clog the pressure measuring port or even the inside area of the manometer. Flange type size diaphragm seal can solve the problem. We often select 1 inch or 2 inch or even 3 inch flange size for the customers.

Sensitive fluids pressure measurement

A lot of pressure measuring request from food and pharmaceutical areas, where they need the instrumentation should be hygienic. In this case, tri-clamp connection diaphragm seal is a perfect choose.
PTFE diaphgram seal pressure gauge

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