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Micro air flow meter

Micro air flow meter

Micro Air Flow Meter: Precision Measurement at the Smallest Scale

In the realm of industrial processes and applications, precise measurement of air flow is a critical factor for efficiency, accuracy, and optimization. Enter the micro air flow meter, a technological marvel that has revolutionized the measurement of air at extremely low flow rates, such as 0~2 sccm , 0~100 sccm, 0~1 SCFM and more . This article delves into the innovative concept of the micro-flowrate thermal dispersion flow meter, its unique features and specifications, and its impact on various industries.

Micro-Flowrate Thermal Dispersion Flow Meter: The Basis of Precision

The micro-flowrate thermal dispersion flow meter is engineered upon the foundational principle of thermal dispersion. Micro air flow meter employs a method of constant differential temperature to measure air flow rates, even at minuscule levels. This innovative design allows for accurate measurements in scenarios where conventional methods fall short.

Advantages of Micro Air Flow Meter

✔   Compact Size and Easy Installation: One of the standout features of the micro air flow meter is its compact size, the length for the micro flow meter is only 75mm. This makes it suitable for installations in tight spaces and areas where larger meters might be impractical.
High Reliability: The micro air flow meter is designed to provide consistent and reliable measurements, even in challenging environments. Its robust construction ensures durability and long-lasting performance.
Unparalleled Accuracy: Accuracy is a hallmark of the micro air flow meter. With accuracy levels ranging from ±1% to ±2.5%, this micro air flow metering instrument delivers precision that is crucial for applications requiring meticulous control.
Temperature and Pressure Correction Not Required: Unlike some traditional air flow meters, the micro air flow meter eliminates the need for complex temperature and pressure corrections. It directly provides standard air or compressed air volumetric flow rates, simplifying the measurement process.
Wide Flow Range: The micro air flow meter boasts an impressive flow range, accommodating rates from 0.5 Nm/s to 100 Nm/s for air. This versatility allows it to serve various industries with differing requirements.
Air Leak Detection: Beyond its primary function of air flow measurement, the micro air flow meter can also be used for air leak detection, contributing to maintenance and energy conservation efforts.
Digital Display and Automation: Equipped with digital displays, these digital micro air flow transmitters provide real-time readings of instant flow rates and total flow. Additionally, the option for interfaces like RS485 or HART allows for seamless integration into factory automation systems.
Wet Parts Material: The wet parts of the thermal flow meter are constructed is 316 stainless steel, ensuring compatibility with various fluids and enhancing the air micro flow sensor's suitability for a wide range of applications.

Applications and Future Prospects of micro air flow meter

The micro air flow meter finds applications in numerous industries, including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, chemical processing, and more. Its ability to provide accurate measurements at low flow rates makes it a crucial tool for processes demanding precision and efficiency.

As technology continues to evolve, the micro air flow meter's impact is set to expand further. With its miniature size, high accuracy, and compatibility with automation interfaces, it is poised to play an increasingly pivotal role in enabling streamlined and optimized operations across various sectors.

Micro air flowmeter on sale

In the pursuit of precision and efficiency, the micro air flow meter stands as a testament to human ingenuity. Its foundation in thermal dispersion, compact size, unparalleled accuracy, and compatibility with advanced interfaces make it a game-changer in the field of low flow air flow measurement. As industries continue to push boundaries, the micro air flow meter offers a glimpse into the future of measurement technology – one where accuracy, reliability, and innovation converge to drive progress. We have micro air flow meter and micro air flow controllers on sale. Welcome to contact us to get the low cost micro air flow meter.

Below is the video to show how our micro air flow meter working when very small air passing our flow meter.

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