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Micro air flow meter

Micro air flow meter

Micro-flowrate thermal dispersion flow meter is designed on the basis of thermal dispersion, and adopts method of constant differential temperature to measuring air at very low flow. It has advantages of small size, easy installation, high reliability and high accuracy, etc.

Micro air flow meter features & specifications

Measuring the air mass flow or air standard volume flow in low flow rate
Do not need to do temperature and pressure correction to get the standard air or compressed air volumetric flow rate
Wide range: 0.5Nm/s~100Nm/s for air. The air flow sensor also can be used for air leak detection
Air flow transmitter option with RS485 or HART interface to realize factory automation and integration
Miniature air flow sensor size ,DN3,DN4,DN6,DN8,DN10 available,micro air flow min 0~21000 ml/min
High accuracy mini air flow meter: ±1 ~2.5 %
Max air temperature can detect : 220°C
Digital display to show air instant flow rate , total flow
All wet parts material for the thermal flow meter: 316 SST

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