Thermal mass flow meter

We supply inline or insertion probe thermal dispersion flow meter for gas or air measurement. It is a perfect solution for gas or air measurement from small pipelines to large pipelines, ducts or stacks. It can take measurement of compressed iar, CO2, biogas, natural gas, O2, He, Nitrogen gas and so on. Silver Automation Instruments supply different type thermal mass flow meters for various applications, such as micro flow rate thermal mass flow meter, high temperature type, in-line type thermal flow sensor or insertion probe thermal mass flow meter.

Thermal mass flow meter Features

Direct mass or standard volumetric gas flow measurement, no temperature or pressure compensation required
Low end sensitivity, can detect gas leakage
Gas flow metering with low pressure drop
Low price cost gas or air mass flow measurement instrumentation
High accuracy gas flow meter, which can reach to 1% of reading, and 0.5% of full range
Easy to install the thermal mass flow sensor also thermal flow transmitter with easy to read user interface and parameter configurations
No moving parts and durable construction mass flow meter
Max bear temperature is 300℃,572°F, so it is a kind of high temperature gas flow meter
Thermal mass flow transmitters with different output, such as 4-20mA, pulse, also alarm switches output, it can even have Hart protocol, or Modbus RTU communication