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Insertion type thermal mass flow sensor

Insertion type thermal mass flow sensor

Insertion probe thermal mass flow meter is for large pipeline size or ducts gas or air flow measurement, it is easy for users to install or removal from the mounting points without needing cut off the pipelines. Insertion gas flow meter is a kind of low price cost gas flow measurement solution for large pipelines.


Insertion sensor thermal flow meter for easy transportation and installation
Provide possibility for large pipe size gas or rectangular duct or stacks flow rate measurement
Direct gas or air mass flow measurement, no external need for temperature and pressure compensation
Large turn down ratio: 100:1 and cover wide measuring range
Thermal dispersion flow meter can measure high temperature air or gas (max 300℃) , also dirty gas
Thermal flow transmitter supply pulse, 4-20mA, switches alarm output
Low Price cost from China reliable thermal mass flow meter manufacturer
Economical solution for large size gas flow measurement
Digital flow display with various flow units, flow rate unit is selectable from: g/min, g/s, Kg/min, Kg/h,Nm3/h,Nm3/min, NL/h, NL/min, SCFM

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