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Thermal Mass Flow Meter For Air,LPG and Biogas Flow Measurement

Thermal Mass Flow meter can be used in a lot applications, such as to measure biogas flow, clean gas flow, nigrogen flow ,LPG gas flow,compressed air flow .etc.
But it can not to use measure steam or applications when medium contains water.
Below is the cases reference of thermal mass flow meters.
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thermal mass flow meter

Question 1 Clean Air Flow Measurement

I have an application to measure clean air at low pressure in a 50mm pipe.
Flow range is 3.6 SM3/hr to 72 SM3/hr pressure is around 1-3 kPa.
DN50 Thermal mass flowmeter would be my first choice, however for comparison can you please also comment and if suitable quote using gas turbine meter.
A/ Thermal flowmeter, can it work ?
B/ Gas turbine flowmeter, can it measure clean air ?
For comparison DN50 turbine with extended range W1 is 5-70 M3/hr, and W2 is 80-100 M3/hr so either may be OK.
1/ What happens to accuracy outside this range, will the instrument still read but with reduced accuracy?
Thermal mass flow meters can be used as clean air flow meters, because clean air will take away the oil which in the bear of gas turbine flow meters, so gas turbine will have poor lifetime comparing to thermal mass flow meters.
And the gas turbine meter still has read even the accuracy outside the indicate range , but has poor accuracy.
And see below correct model selection for the thermal mass flow meters
Thermal flowmeter

Question 2  LPG Gas Flow Measurement

Hi, I have a LPG gas flow measurement application to choose a proper type flow meters,
Below is the specifications:
- Measure: LPG ,Gas state
- Size: 1 ½ “, 2”
- Temp: Ambient
- Pressure: 1-2 bar
- Output: 4-20 mA
- With display
- Integral
- Process connection: ANSI150 Flange connection
- The Flow instrument will be installed after the burner, so the gas is not clean.
Can we use gas turbine flow meters to measure LPG ?
Our gas turbine flow meters should measure clean gas , and because your flow meter is installed after the burner , the gas medium is not clean. Thermal mass flow meter is a perfect choice for the dirty gas flow measurement.
1 ½” Thermal mass: SRK-100-50-I-PLF-19-6-A1-T0-P1-D-1-A0-E
2” Thermal mass: SRK-100-40-I-PLF-19-6-A1-T0-P1-D-1-A0-E
Thermal flow meter catalog:

Question 3 Biogas Flow Measurement

Hi,we need a cheap biogas flow meters, we want thermal flow meters to measure methane,
Our pipe line is 2” and we need a digital display to have the instant and totalized flow, also the display is integral with the gas flow sensor.
Can we have insertion type thermal flow meters as below ?

Do the thermal mass flow meters have calibration function (zero span)?
What the display shows, apart from flow rate and totalizer flow

Thanks for your informations, thermal mass flow meters are correct choice as biogas flow meters, but pity to inform you that our insertion type thermal mass flow meters are for the pipelines more than 100mm,  so only flange process connection is available .
Our gas flow meters have zero span configure set.
Besides to show instant flow and totalizer flow, it also shows temperature and current output (mA)
Below is the correct selection :
If you want to know about above type thermal mass flow meter cost, welcome to contact Silver Automation Instruments to obtain the price.
As a China thermal mass flowmeter supplier , we not only provide good cost gas sensor , also with stable performance .
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