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6 inch gas flow meter

6 inch gas flow meter

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    Flue gas flow meter

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What is 6 inch gas flow meter?

6 inch gas flow meter, which means that the flow meter sensor diameter size is 6" or DN150, this kind of flow measurement device can measure gas mass flow, volumetric flow, gas flow rate, gas velocity, totalizing gas , total gas consumption , some flow sensors can even detect gas temperature or pressure value .

Types of 6 inch dia gas flow meters:

At present we have many kinds of 6" gas flow meters, such as 6" gas turbine flow meters, 6" dia vortex gas flow meters, 6" thermal mass gas flow meters,6”Coriolis gas flow meter, 6” dia rotameter for gas flow measurement, 6” Variable area (VA) flow meter for gas, 6” insertion gas flow meter, 6 inch inline industrial gas flow meter; 6” stainless steel gas flow meter; 6” industrial gas flow meter; 6 inch gas flow meter with temperature and pressure compensation or correction; 6 inch DP gas flow meter, 6” orifice plate flow meter, 6 “ V-cone flow meter,DN150 digital gas flow meter; 6” mechanical gas flows sensor,  6 inch volume gas flow meter;AGA-8 gas turbine flow meter;

6 inch gas flow meter can measure gas types:

6” inch gas flow meter can measure various kinds of gas or air: such as Nitrogen GAS, O2, CO ,CO2 (carbon dioxide), gas mixture, natural gas, flue gases and dust emission, propane gas , LPG gas, waste gas, flue gas from coal combustion, compressed air ,H2,CH4, methane, NO2,inert gas,Ar, helium,

6” gas turbine flow meter – Normal type gas flow meter

6 inch gas turbine flow meter is normal type gas or air flow meters; here we introduce more about DN150 gas turbine flow meter; because it has simple structure , low and economical price, high accuracy , small pressure loss and wide measurement ranges for different gas;
Gas flow transmitter’s converts the gas flow rate into the rotational speed of the turbine rotor, and then converts the rotational speed into an electrical signal proportional to the gas flow rate. Gas turbine flowmeter is used to detect instantaneous flow rate and gas total flow consumption, and its output signal is frequency or pulse or 4-20mA for different process control purpose.

Technical specifications for 6 inch gas turbine flow meter

  • Gas Flow range options for 6” gas turbine flow sensor: 32-650 m3/h (141-2862 GPM), 50-1000 m3/h (48-951 gallon per hour ); 80-1600 m3/h (352-7045 GPM)
  • Gas flow unit display: m3/h or Nm3/h
  • Gas flow meter Accuracy: 1.5 % 1.0% high accuracy;
  • Gas flow sensor material: stainless steel 304 or 316 SUS
  • Digital gas flow meter with LCD display;
  • Power supply: 24V DC or 220VAC or battery operated 6” gas flow meter
  • Output: frequency, pulse, 4-20Ma, relay outputs possible for thermal mass flow meter;
  • Communication: HART OR Modbus RS485 selections;
  • Process connection: wafer gas flow meter or flange end gas flow meter, ANSI , JIS 10k , 20 k , DIN standard;
  • Can be made into multivariable gas flow meter to show gas temperature, gas operation pressure, gas total flow , gas velocity , gas instant flow, normal flow rate after temperature and pressure compensation by only one flow sensor;
  • Explosion proof: ExdIICT6, Hazardous area
  • Can be made into high pressure gas flow sensor to bear 300LB, 600# , PN40 or PN64 ,10Mpa, high pressure ratings.
  • IP65
  • Fact to face length between 2 flanges of gas turbine flow sensor: 450 mm (17.7 inch)
  • Price cost of 6” gas turbine flow meter starts from $ 1180 , welcome to send inquiry and specifications to us to get specific quotations.
6” Thermal mass flow meter- insertion gas flow meter
6” Thermal mass flow meter- insertion gas flow meter
6 inch diameter gas rotameter
6 inch diameter gas rotameter
6 inc dia Coriolis mass flow meter for gas
6 inc dia Coriolis mass flow meter for gas
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