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Coriolis gas flow meter

Coriolis gas flow meter

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Coriolis gas flow meters are known for their high accuracy and reliability in measuring gas flow rates. They can handle a wide range of gas types and operating conditions, including high temperatures and high pressures. They are also capable of measuring flow rates in both directions (bidirectional flow) and can provide additional information such as density and temperature. Coriolis gas flow meter is better to measure gas with high pressure rating; also the gas better has larger density. Low pressure gas flow measurement does not recommend Coriolis flow meter.

How Coriolis gas flow meter work ?

A Coriolis gas flow meter is a type of flow meter used to measure the flow rate of gases in a system. It is based on the principle of Coriolis Effect, which states that a gas flowing through a vibrating tube will cause the tube to twist or oscillate in proportion to the mass flow rate of gas

Coriolis gas flow meter applications

  • Natural gas flow measurement by Coriolis gas flow meter: Coriolis flow meters are commonly used in the oil and gas industry to measure the flow of natural gas in pipelines and distribution systems, it can achieve great measurement performance and accuracy in high pressure natural gas mass flow measurement.
  • LPG mass flowmeter:  Coriolis flow meter can be used to measure the flow rate of LPG (liquefied petroleum gas), even at mix state LPG (gas and liquid) , Coriolis gas flow meter can also take direct LPG mass flow measurement at very high pressure( for example at 5800 psi operation pressure ).
  • Compressed air mass flow measurement by Coriolis meter: Coriolis flow meters are often employed to measure the flow rate of compressed air in industrial applications, such as pneumatic systems.
  • Hydrogen mass flow meter: Coriolis flow meters can accurately measure the flow of hydrogen gas, which is utilized in various industries, including fuel cells, chemical processing, and electronics.
  • Oxygen: Coriolis flow meters can be used to measure the flow of oxygen gas in medical applications, such as oxygen therapy and respiratory equipment.
  • Nitrogen: Coriolis flow meters are suitable for measuring the flow of nitrogen gas, which has numerous applications, including inert gas purging, food packaging, and chemical manufacturing.
  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) mass flow meter: Coriolis flow meters can measure the flow of carbon dioxide gas, which finds use in applications like carbonation of beverages, greenhouse gas monitoring, and enhanced oil recovery.
  • Natural gas liquids (NGLs): Coriolis flow meters are capable of measuring the flow of NGLs, which are liquid hydrocarbons present in natural gas streams.
  • Other industrial gases: Coriolis flow meters can be utilized to measure the flow rates of various industrial gases, such as argon, helium, propane, methane, and more.

However, it's important to note that Coriolis gas flow meters are generally more expensive than other types of flow meters, such as thermal mass flow meter, gas turbine flow meter, and vortex flow meter or rotameters. 

Generally speaking,we choose Coriolis flow meter to measure gas flow because its high accuracy , it can be used as custody transfer flow meters. Or it has very high pressure rating, few flow meters can work under that high pressure.

Please consult from us to provide your applications to choose the suitable Coriolis flow meter. We have factory Coriolis flow meter price .welcome to buy Coriolis gas flow meter from us.
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