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4 Factors to Consider When choosing a Gas Flow Meter

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Of all machines you’ve ever used or even the ones you’re yet to use, you’ll realize that none of them requires as much attention when selecting as a gas flow meter. You pick the wrong one and you’ll end up crying no matter how hard you try to make things work. Gas flow meters are usually designed and calibrated for different and specific needs.

You need to have some great knowledge about the things to look for when picking your next pack. For instance, some gas flow transmitters have been designed to work well under very low pressure while others can only perform best if the gas pressure is high enough.

It’s equally important to note that you can’t get all the things you want in one type of meter technology. Each type gas meters has got certain advantages and limitations. So, it’s just a matter of playing your cards right in order to end up with the one offering more advantages. Therefore, if you want an easy time, here are the four factors to consider when selecting a gas flow meter technology.

1. The Application for Which the Gas Flow Meter is meant

What are you going to use the gas flow meter for? Is your gas flow meter going to be put in Industrial, residential, or commercial applications? Answering these two questions accurately will be a huge win on your side. For example, not all gas flow meters can be used for custody transfers. There are specific ones that have been approved for this use.

Also, you could use the meter for measuring either mass flow or volumetric flow. This is very common in industrial applications. However, be reminded that gas flow meters for mass flow rate analysis will require additional devices for measuring temperature and pressure, however currently thermal mass flow meters does not require external temperature and pressure compensation to realize mass flow measurement, thermal flow meter is now more and more popular for gas flow measurement for its low price cost and easy installation. Coriolis mass flow meter can also detect gas mass flow , but the price cost is not low , also it is only for high pressure and high density gas flow measurement.

2. The Nature of the Gas you want to be Measured or Monitored

A gas can either be single or a mixture. But because single gases have got different thermal conductivity with the mixed gases, you must ensure that the gas flow meter you’re picking is calibrated according to your needs. You should also note that the gas flow sensors have been designed to operate within specific ranges of temperature and pressure. You know the range for the gases you want to measure – so, go for the right device to avoid getting incorrect readings.

3. The Location of Installation gas flow sensor

The site where you’re intending to install your gas flow meter comes with a number of other challenges which you must take care of. Keep in mind that environmental factors such as excess heat or coldness, and electric fields could greatly interfere with the performance of the gas meter. So, understand your site well so that you can pick the best device. You should also consider that you need to ensure enough straight pipelines to install gas flow meter sensor.

Apart from the environmental conditions, it’s advisable that you check if there are any government restrictions that might dictate the kind of a gas flow meter you should be operating. Ensure that what you have settled on meets all the regulations if there are any.

4. The Duration of Operation of the Meter

Gas flow meters can be operated on a long-term or short-term basis. However, you may also want a meter than can serve on both terms. Some of them have been designed to show total flow after a given period while others can show readings for broken periods. You must have a proper understanding of your meter’s calibration needs. Don’t just pick anything you come across.

Please note that the best thing you should always do is to read the user manual provided by the China flow meter manufacturer. Doing so will prevent cases of wrong installations and guarantee you the accuracy all the time.

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