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Large pipe flow meters

Large size electromagnetic flow meter for conductive liquid measurement

We provide electromagnetic flow meter (EMF), the max in line type magnetic flow meter can be 2000mm, however we can also provide insertion probe mag flow meter for huge pipe lines measurement. Mag meter is mainly for conductive liquid flow rate measurement.

Vortex flow meter for large size pipeline measurement

Vortex flow meter can be used to measure gas ,liquid , steam flow rate, insertion probe vortex flow meter can be used in huge or large pipelines.

Ultrasonic flow meter for clean liquid measurement

Silver Automation Instruments sell transit-time clamp on ultrasonic flow meters that are ideal for use on large  size  pipelines.The max pipe line we measure currently is 2600mm. Clamp on transducers does not need to cut down the pipeline , and not contact the measured liquid. Ultrasonic flow meter is mainly for clean liquid flow measurement.

Thermal mass flow meter for large size gas flow measurement

Thermal mass flow meter insertion probe is mainly for pipelines over 3 inches (80mm), we provide insertion thermal mass gas flow sensor which can detect 2000mm pipelines.
  • Insertion type electromagnetic flow meterInsertion type electromagnetic flow meter2019/06/27Insertion probe electromagnetic flow meter is suitable for pipeline size over 8 inches; it is ideal solution for large pipe size conductive liquid flow measurement ,such as waste water, portable water...view
  • Insertion air flow meterInsertion air flow meter2019/07/10Thermal mass flow meter is a suitable type insertion air flow meter which can detect air or compressed air flow rate in a closed pipeline or duct. Insertion style thermal dispersion flow meter is for ...view
  • Insertion vortex flow meterInsertion vortex flow meter2019/07/02Insertion vortex flow meter is designed for large pipeline size over 10 inches, users can install and removal the vortex sensor without closing down the whole running system. Customers can get volumet...view
  • Insertion type thermal mass flow sensorInsertion type thermal mass flow sensor2019/06/14Insertion probe thermal mass flow meter is for large pipeline size or ducts gas or air flow measurement, it is easy for users to install or removal from the mounting points without needing cut off the...view
  • Electromagnetic FlowmeterElectromagnetic Flowmeter2017/04/12Buy Quality Electromagnetic Flow meter from China manufacture in low price and fast delivery time. Get the Mag meter Price cost now from SILVER AUTOMATION INSTRUMENTS.view
  • Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter For Water MeasurementPortable Ultrasonic Flow Meter For Water Measurement2018/07/16SLH Series Ultrasonic flowmeters are non-contact measuring instruments that can be used to measure fluid flows which pipelines are difficult to reach and difficult to observe or in large pipelines. Cl...view Protection Status