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Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter For Water Measurement

SLH Series Portable Ultrasonic Flow meter
SLH Series Ultrasonic flowmeters are non-contact measuring instruments that can be used to measure fluid flows which pipelines are difficult to reach and difficult to observe or in large pipelines. Clamp on transducer ultrasonic flow meter does not change the flow of the fluid, does not create pressure loss, and is easy to install.

Advantages of Ultrasonic Flow Meter

(1) It is possible to measure the flow rate of highly corrosive and non-conductive media.
(2) Ultrasonic flowmeter has a large measuring range, and the diameter of the pipe is from 20mm to 5000mm.
(3) Ultrasonic flow meters measure various liquid and sewage flows.
(4) The volumetric flow measured by the ultrasonic flowmeter is not affected by thermal properties such as temperature, pressure, viscosity and density of the fluid being measured. Ultrasonic flow meter can be made in both fixed type and portable type.

Recently, we receive an inquiry for portable ultrasonic flow meters; they need the meter meets below specifications:
1)Type: Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter For water 
2)Measurement Principle: Ultrasonic Transit Time
3)Measurement Direction: Forward and Reverse
4)Flow Rate, Totalizer and Velocity
5)Transducer: Dual. Magnetic slide-track or slider-track mounting method, belt or  strap, submersible type
6)Pipe size:50-2000mm
7)Pipe Material: PVC, HDPE, Steel ,Cast Iron, PE.Ductile Iron and GI
8)Pipe Liner: Any sonically material(cement Mortar, coal tar, epoxy,plastic,etc)
9)Pipe Wall Thickness: Up to 50 mm
10)Thickness measuring: Wall thickness probe or Ultrasonic thickness gauge
11)Accuracy:±1% of Full Scale or better
12)Protection Standard of Transmitter: EN/IEC 60529 IP 67 or better
13)Protection Standard of Sensor: EN/IEC 60529 IP 68
14)Voltage Supply:220±10%VAC,50Hz And Build-in Battery
15)Output:4-20mA≥1 Output
16)Operating Temperature:0 to 50℃
17)Display: LCD Display or Better
18)Battery Power time on operation:More than or equal 10 hours
19)Sensor Cable Length:≥10m
20)Data Logger: Not less than 4 MB
21)Export Data Method: CSV with USB Port for Data Transferor Window Software or Near Field Communication(NFC) or better
Silver Automation Instruments sales person after checking the specifications, found that our portable type ultrasonic can meet above technical specifications, except last point: Our SLH Portable ultrasonic flowmeter data transferor is realized SD card , not USB port, we have built-in SD card to save the measuring result ,and you can read the data by SD card in PC .
Our Portable ultrasonic flowmeter has a micro printer to print the value,

Below is the model selection:
Portable ultrasonic flow meter
Specifications: SD card, 4-20mA output, clamp on transducer (medium size + large size),Digital display,220V+ battery power

SILVER AUTOMATION INSTRUMENTS Handheld ultrasonic flow meters are sold in complete kit as below, if you want to know the portable ultrasonic kit price, welcome to send email to us

SLH Series Portable Ultrasonic Flow meter
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