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Turbine digital diesel fuel flow meter

Turbine digital diesel fuel flow meter

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Innovative Digital Diesel Fuel Flow Meters: Revolutionizing Liquid Flow Measurement

In liquid flow measurement, the advent of turbine flowmeters has marked a significant milestone. These versatile flow metering devices have the capability to gauge both continuous and intermittent liquid flows, making them indispensable across various industries. One of the key players in this domain is the SLW series digital turbine flowmeter, which operates based on the ingenious Wolfmann Impeller Counter principle. In this article, we delve into the distinctive features and advantages of these turbine digital diesel fuel flow meters, shedding light on their diverse applications and technical specifications.

A Paradigm of Precision Measurement- Liquid turbine flow meter for diesel 

The essence of the SLW series digital turbine flowmeter lies in its application versatility. Designed to measure an array of liquids ranging from diesel, gasoline, and methanol to kerosene, water, tap water, light refined oil, and even milk, these flowmeters stand as a testament to modern engineering prowess. Operating on the principle of the Wolfmann Impeller Counter, the turbine flow transmitter diligently records the flow of diesel through pipes, accurately capturing the liquid's average flow rate. The axial direction of diesel flow propels the turbine into rotation, with the impeller's speed mirroring the diesel's average flow rate within a generous range.

Cutting-Edge Features of Diesel turbine flow meter Redefining Measurement Precision:

The SLW series digital turbine diesel fuel flow meter boasts an impressive array of features that set it apart as a trailblazer in the field:

Extensive diesel flow sensor Size Range: From compact 1/4" micro flow meter to robust 10" diesel fuel flow meter options, the turbine flow sensor is available in various sizes to cater to diverse industrial needs.

Versatile Process Connections of diesel flow meter: The fuel flow meter can be seamlessly integrated into systems with its choice of process connections, including Tri-clover, threaded, and flanged options such as BSP, NPT thread, DIN, ANSI, and JIS standards.

Robust Pressure Handling of turbine flow meter : With pressure ratings spanning PN16, PN40, PN64, ANSI 150LB, ANSI 300, and JIS 10K, these flow meters are engineered to perform flawlessly under varying pressure conditions.

Output Flexibility of diesel flow transmitter: The digital turbine flow meter offers a choice between pulse output or a current 4-20mA analog output, catering to different data collection and analysis needs.

Digital turbine flow meter offers Diverse Power Supply Options: Operating on 24V DC, these flow meters can also be powered by 220V AC or battery operated diesel flow meter, enhancing their adaptability to different power sources.

Precision in Plain Sight: An optional digital display on the diesel flow meter transmitter provides real-time insights, empowering operators with immediate access to critical data.

Impressive Accuracy: With an accuracy rate of 0.5%, these diesel fuel flow meters redefine precision in liquid flow measurement.

Temperature Resilience: turbine flow sensor is capable of withstanding fluids with temperatures of up to 150°C, these flow meters exhibit durability and reliability even in demanding environments.

Pioneering the Future of Flow Measurement:

The SLW series digital turbine flow meters have revolutionized liquid flow measurement across industries. From industrial applications demanding stringent accuracy to agricultural setups requiring versatile liquid monitoring, these flow meters have transcended traditional boundaries.

Conclusion of digital diesel fuel flow meter

In the era of advanced engineering and precision instrumentation, the SLW series digital turbine flow meters shine as a beacon of innovation. Their ability to precisely measure the flow of diverse liquids, coupled with an impressive array of features, positions them as indispensable tools across industries. As the landscape of liquid flow measurement continues to evolve, these turbine digital diesel fuel flow meters stand as a testament to human ingenuity and technological advancement.

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