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Factors to affect turbine flow meter price

Turbine flow meter (TUF) utilizes the mechanical energy of the measured medium (such as gas or fluids) to rotate a flow sensor rotor in the flow stream.  And the rotating speed has a close relationship with the medium velocity. There are liquid turbine flow meters and gas turbine meters, they are not universal which means gas turbine flow meter cannot measure liquid and liquid turbine flow meters cannot measure gas or air.
We list some factors to affect turbine flow meters price

1. Flowmeter manufacture and origin

The turbine flow meters manufactured by the major European, American or Japan factories are relatively high in price, especially the famous brand flowmeters that everyone knows, such as Emerson, Bager, Omega, etc. However, in recent years, the performance of liquid turbines produced in China has become more and more stable and the price is very low, which has been favored by many users.

2. Gas turbine flow meter or liquid turbine flow meter ?

Is the turbine flow meter used to measure gas or liquid? Their prices are completely different. If you buy turbines flow sensor from SILVER AUTOMATION INSTRUMENTS, you will find that gas turbines flow meters are more expensive than liquid turbine flow sensor.

3. Turbine flow meter sensor size

Obviously, the larger the diameter of the flowmeter sensor, the more expensive the price, the choice of the flowmeter diameter is confirmed according to the customer's on-site pipeline size and fluids flow rate. When we want to purchase turbine flowmeters, we must provide sufficient technical parameters to the flowmeter supplier, such as minimum, maximum and normal flow rates, ambient temperature and operation pressure, etc. The flowmeter supplier will select the the appropriate flow meter diameter based on these parameters.
turbine flow meter price cost

4. Flow meter operation pressure rating

The operation pressure of our normal supplied turbine flowmeters is not more than 16bar, if the use of pressure exceeds 16 bars, we will choose high pressure flowmeter, high pressure flowmeter is specially customized, the price will be higher.

5. Flow meter functions

The more functions the flowmeter have, the more cost you need to pay, and some commonly used functions such as
  • a. Whether an electronic display is required to display instantaneous and total flow rate
  • b. Do you need communication, such as Hart, RS485, etc.
  • c. Do you need special materials, such as flow meter sensors that require 316 stainless steel?
  • d. Does the process connection require a sanitary tri-clamp?
  • e. Is the medium operated in temperature high?
  • f. Does the flowmeter require explosion protection (Exd)?

Silver Automation Instruments always supply low cost and robust China made turbine flow meters with best delivery time and reliable performance. Welcome to send your specific inquires to us to obtain the best price cost.

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gas flow meter low price
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