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Hydrogen gas (H2) pressure transmitter

Hydrogen gas (H2) pressure transmitter

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What is Hydrogen gas (H2) pressure transmitter?

A hydrogen gas pressure transmitter, also known as a hydrogen gas pressure transducer or hydrogen gas pressure sensor, is a device used to measure and transmit H2 pressure information from a process or system to a control system or display. It is a vital component in various industries and applications where accurate hydrogen pressure monitoring is essential for process control, safety, and efficiency.

The hydrogen gas pressure transmitter works on the principle of converting the applied pressure into an electrical signal, usually in the form of a current (4-20 mA) or voltage (0-10 VDC). This electrical signal can then be transmitted to a control room, data acquisition system, or other monitoring devices for further processing and analysis.

Important points need to know before choose hydrogen gas pressure transmitter

When measuring hydrogen with pressure transmitters, there are some important considerations to take into account due to the unique properties of hydrogen.

Hydrogen gas is highly flammable and has a very low molecular weight, which means it can diffuse rapidly through many materials, including certain types of seals and gaskets commonly used in pressure transmitters. This diffusion can lead to hydrogen embrittlement, where the hydrogen atoms penetrate the material and cause it to become more brittle over time. As a result, special precautions are necessary to ensure the safety and accuracy of pressure measurements when dealing with hydrogen gas.

H2 gas Pressure sensor material Selection

Use pressure transmitters with wetted materials that are compatible with hydrogen gas and resistant to hydrogen embrittlement. Stainless steel with gold plating is often a suitable diaphragm material for H2 gas pressure measurement. We often make flanged diaphgram type pressure transmitter for H2 gas pressure measurement.

ATEX approved pressure transmitter

Safety Considerations are important when choose hydrogen gas pressure transducer; ensure proper ventilation and safety measures are in place to handle the potential flammability of hydrogen gas. Silver Automation Instruments have ATEX approved pressure transducers for H2 hazardous gas measurement.

Factory Pressure transmitter Calibration

H2 Pressure transmitters used for measuring hydrogen gas are all calibrated specifically for hydrogen gas service to ensure accurate measurements. normal request H2 pressure range is 0-10 bar , o-150 psi, 0~300 psi and so on. we will calibrate the pressure range according to users's demand.

It's crucial to consult with the H2 gas pressure transmitter manufacturer and follow their guidelines and recommendations for using pressure transmitters in hydrogen gas applications. Welcome to consult to have reliable working H2 pressure transmitters with good price cost.
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