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  • Hydrogen gas (H2) pressure transmitterHydrogen gas (H2) pressure transmitter2023/07/20A hydrogen gas pressure transmitter, also known as a hydrogen gas pressure transducer or hydrogen gas pressure sensor, is a device used to measure and transmit H2 pressure information from a process or system to a control system or display.view
  • Sodium Hypochlorite pressure gaugeSodium Hypochlorite pressure gauge2021/09/27Why need Sodium hypochlorite (NaClO) pressuremeasurement?Sodium hypochlorite (NaClO) is an inorganicsubstance .It is a kind of hypochlorite and is the most common"chlorine" bleach in household washing...view
  • Low Pressure Diaphragm Seal Pressure Gauge (-500~2500 mmWC)Low Pressure Diaphragm Seal Pressure Gauge (-500~2500 mmWC)2020/07/13Dialsize: 150mm. oil filled type, not dry type pressure gauge. (With liquid filled case for applications with high dynamicpressure pulsations or vibration)Case and ring Material: 304 StainlessSteel.We...view
  • Remote seal pressure transmitterRemote seal pressure transmitter2020/05/29You probably looked for this articlebecause there is so much you need to understand about a remote seal pressuretransmitter in detail, which is, in some instances, referred to as a chemical ora diaphr...view
  • Flush diaphragm seal pressure transmitterFlush diaphragm seal pressure transmitter2020/01/23view
  • Pressure transmitter diaphragm seal capillaryPressure transmitter diaphragm seal capillary2020/01/23view
  • Extended diaphragm seal pressure transmitterExtended diaphragm seal pressure transmitter2020/01/23view
  • Diesel Fuel Pressure GaugeDiesel Fuel Pressure Gauge2018/01/03The function of the diesel fuel pressure gauge is to show the changes in the oil pressure of the lubricating system. The oil pressure is an important indicator of the lubrication system, its level is ...view
  • Steam Pressure TransmitterSteam Pressure Transmitter2018/01/03A pressure transmitter is a device that converts pressure into pneumatic signals or electric signals for control and remote transmission. It can transform physical pressure parameters such as gas and ...view
  • Oil Pressure GaugeOil Pressure Gauge2018/01/03Oil pressure gauge, also known as seismic pressure gauge or anti pressure gauge, commonly known as hydraulic gauge or oil-filled gauge. The accuracy grade of pressure gauge is to reflect the compariso...view
  • Hot Water Pressure GaugeHot Water Pressure Gauge2018/01/03In the process of industrial process control and technology measurement, mechanical pressure gauge is widely applied because of the high mechanical strength of its elastic sensitive elements the featu...view
  • Liquid Pressure SensorLiquid Pressure Sensor2018/01/03The liquid pressure sensor is one of the most commonly used pressure sensors in industrial practice. It is widely used in all kinds of industrial automatic control environment and involves many indust...view
  • Gas Pressure SensorGas Pressure Sensor2018/01/03Gas pressure sensor is a conversion device, mainly used to measure the absolute pressure of the gas, and can be applied for pressure measurement in terms of blood pressure, wind pressure, pipeline gas...view
  • Water Pressure SensorWater Pressure Sensor2018/01/03Water pressure sensor is a kind of pressure sensor commonly used in industrial practice. It is widely used in various industrial dynamic environment, water conservancy and hydropower engineering, tran...view
  • Air Pressure GagesAir Pressure Gages2018/01/03Air pressure gauges are instruments that measure the atmosphere of the earth. Objects in the atmosphere are subjected to pressure generated by the impact of air molecules; the pressure is known as atm...view Protection Status