Chocolate flow meter

Chocolate flow meter

Sanitary type Coriolis flow meter is a perfect choice for chocolate flow rate measurement, here for below obvious features:
Coriolis flow meter can handle the high viscosity of chocolate
Coriolis flow meter all wet parts material is 316L which is hygienic demand
Tri-clover process connection for easy installation and cleaning
Direct mass flow measurement with high accuracy
Digital in-line type chocolate flow meter
Beside to measure the mass flow rate of chocolate, it can even measure chocolate temperature, density and volumetric flow
Output 4-20mA our pulse, it can even have RS485 or Hart Protocol
Different chocolate flow meter sensors available, such as DN10,DN15, 1 inch, 1.5”,2 inch,2.5 inch , 3 inch.,etc

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Total quantity:213, Total process time:0.10047579 ms


Total quantity:21

Use Memory: 13.5MB

Time-consuming: 0.19283 ms