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What is Syrup ?

Syrup is a viscous, high concentration sugar solution made by boiling or other techniques. The raw material for making the syrup may be syrup, sugar cane juice, fruit juice or other vegetable juice. Since the syrup has a very high sugar content, it can be stored for a relatively long period of time without being refrigerated in a sealed state. Syrup can be used to make a drink or make a sweet.

Syrup Flow Meter Material & Process Connection Request

The syrup flow meters is generally used in the food industry, so the process connection generally selects a tri-clover process connection for easy dismanting and  cleaning. The hygienic flow meters also requires that the wetted material is 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, or even 316L stainless steel.

Syrup Flow Meter Types

We generally choose stainless steel oval gear flow meter (positive displacement flow meter )and a coriolis mass flow meter as a syrup flow meter, if the visicoisty is low , we can even use magnetic flow meters to measure syrup flow , which will save a lot price .We are China manufacture syrup flow meter supplier, can provide molasses flow meter with low price and stable quality,don't hesitate to contact us.

Syrup Flow meter Request

We got an inquiry as below:
We need flow meter for syrup application as detail below ;
Operated, flow : 500 L/min
Temp : 35 C.
Pressure : 2 Barg.
Connection tri-clover (for hygienic industry)
Pipe size :  1 ½”
Power Supply: 220 VAC. Output 4-20mA.
Viscosity:2000-3000 mpas

Solution To Syrup Flow Meter

After analyzing the inquiry, we select tri-clamp Coriolis flow meter for your application. See below quotation:
syrup flow meters
SH-CMF- SH-CMF-40-P2-H1-T1-O1-C1-E1-A1-B1-P2
40-DN40 Coriolis meter sensor
H1-Compact type Coriolis flow transmitter
T1-Operation Temperature: -50~150 ℃
O1-4-20mA output Coriolis meter
C1-Non communication
E1-Intrinsically safe,Exib
A1-Flow meter accuracy: 0.15%
B1-No batch control
P2-220VAC power supply
M1-Tube Material: 316L
PC2-Tri-clamp sensor

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