Sanitary and hygienic Coriolis flow meter

Sanitary and hygienic Coriolis flow meter

Sanitary and hygienic Coriolis flow meter is with tri-clamp end fitting and 316L SS wet parts material for food, dairy, bio-technology, and pharmaceutical applications.
SH-CMF Coriolis meter is designed based on Coriolis force, and currently is one of most powerful flow measurement device nowadays, and is now widely used for batch control, custody transfer, and accurate process measurement.


  • Tri-clamp process connection for easy cleaning and mounting
  • All stainless steel mass flow meter
  • Accurate measurement result is not affected by the fluids viscosity or density
  • Various flow sensor sizes: 1 inch, 2 inch, 2.5 inch, 3 inch, 4 inch Coriolis flow meter
  • In-line mass flow meter with direct mass flow rate measurement
  • Multivariable measurement only by one sensor-mass flow, concentration, density, temperature
  • Idea choice for high viscosity fluids measurement,like honey,syrup,tallow,molasses
  • Current or frequency output to PLC, paperless recorders and so on
  • Digital mass flow meter with display, and HART, RS485 Communication
  • Low price Coriolis flow meter from China reliable manufacture

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