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Gas flow meter types

Here we talk about several industrial gas flow meter types: gas turbine flow meter, thermal mass flow meters, vortex flow meter also differential pressure flow meters.

Gas turbine flow meter to measure gas

Gas turbine flow meter to measure gas
A turbine flow meter is a type of gas flow meter that measures the volumetric fluid flow rate. It provides high accuracy measurements with a small installation device.
The working structure consists of a turbine with movable blades. As the gas passes through it the blades begin to move which sets up a magnetic motion. A sensor detects this motion and measures the rate of flow accordingly.
A gas flow meter is widely used in different commercial industries. it can measure air,biogas,argon,N2,O2.,etc

1- High accuracy in extreme conditions.
2- Easy and small in size installation.
3- Wide range of flow measurements
4- Low maintenance and care requirements.

Thermal mass flow meter for gas flow measurement

Thermal mass flow meter for gas flow measurement

It is a device that measures fluid flow rate especially of gases in closed conduits. This instrument is installed with temperature sensors (RTDs). The work on heat change principal to measure gas and airflow rates.
The thermal flow meter is important equipment of gas and air-related industries thus they find their use in mining, food processing industries, pharmaceutics, natural gas plants, Water plants, Paper and pulp industries, etc.
1- Direct and precise measurement of gas flow.
2- Possibility of repeatable measurements with an accuracy of +-1%.
3- Better turn down ratio without any movable part.

Vortex flowmeter for gas measurement

Vortex flowmeter for gas measurement
It is a gas flow meter that contains no moving parts. It measures the flow of liquids, gases, and steam in fixed conditions. Its working principle is called vortex shedding where flowing fluid brings oscillations in the vortex. As the vortex oscillates, this sets up a change that is sensed by an inbuilt sensor. This sensor then calculates and displays the flow rate of the fluids.
They are the most versatile meters finding their use in multiple industries. Clean and wastewater industries, chemical and petrochemical plants, pharmaceutical plants, fuel processing plants, and many other industries.
1- Highly stable and versatile
2- Low maintenance
3- Applicable to steam, gas, and liquids
4- More reliable without moving parts.
5- Low failure percentage.

Differential flow meter to measure Gas flow rate

Differential flow meter to measure Gas flow rate
This device measures the flow rate of different fluids in closed pipes. It is applicable for gases, steam, air, water, fuels, cryogenic fluid and certain other fluids. The work on the principle of differential pressure. As the fluid passes through different taps of closed pipes installations, a pressure difference is created. This difference is proportional to the flow rate of different fluids. it can be orifice plate flow meter, balanced flow meter, V-cone flow meters.,etc.

It is widely applicable in a wide range of industries. Their main use is employed in clean and wastewater industries, cryogenic liquids, chemical, and petroleum plants.
1- Highly accurate with low failure rates.
2- Ease of installation.
3- Applicable to a wide range of fluids.
4- Critical in extreme conditions like fuels and cryogenic liquids.

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