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Low volume industrial oil flow meter

Oval gear flow meter, Coriolis flow meter, Turbine flow meters or rotameter all have options for low volume oil flow measurement.

Positive displacement flow meter to measure oil volumetric flow at low flow rate

Positive displacement flow meter to measure oil volumetric flow at low flow rate

Oval gear flow meter or gear flow meters are types of flow meter that can measure the low flow rate of highly viscous oils. They work as a volumetric flow measuring device. In this type of flow meter fluid manually displaces the rotors. The device consists of a container in which two rotating rotors are installed. When the fluid moves through the device it causes the rotors to rotate. This rotation is directly proportional to the volume of fluid. We offer low volume industrial oil flow meter as low as 20 liter/hour, and the min size we can make is 2mm industrial oil flow meter.

Small size oil flow meter

We sell low volume industrial oil flow meter; the size can be 2mm oil flow meter size, 4mm, 6mm,10mm , 15mm flow meter size. Even though it is tiny flow meter, it can also equip with digital display and 4-20mA or pulse output, MODBUS is also available for industrial process control and remote monitor.

Measurable fluid type

This flow meter works best for clean and noncorrosive liquids .The oil measurements of petroleum, gasoline, diesel, and others are its specifications.


  • 1- They possess a high turndown ratio with greater accuracy.
  • 2- Can be used used for corrosive and viscous oils.
  • 3- They usually produce the highest differential pressure.
  • 4-They needs a little upstream piping system.

Turbine flow meter for low volume industrial oil flow measurement

Turbine flow meter for low volume industrial oil flow measurement

A turbine flow meter is a device that measures the flow rate of oils and other fluids working on the turbine flow principles. They measure the oil velocity in closed pipes. The flow measurement instrument consists of a turbine with a couple of blades on its sides. When the oil moves through the blades it causes them to rotate and this rotation corresponds to the magnitude of fluid velocity.

Measurable fluid type

Applications for oil turbine flow meter

This turbine flow sensor is used for liquids at low viscosity, Among liquids, it accepts hydrocarbons, chemicals, water, cryogenic liquids, and several fuels like petroleum and non-crude oils. It is also excellent for thermal oils, marine fuel oils, light fuel oils, and solvent oils.

Low volume industrial turbine oil flow meter

We sell small turbine flow meter sensor size as low as 1.15mm, and the low flow can be 0.035-1.6 L/min, below is the low volume size we can offer for turbine sensor:

Flow sensor size

Flow (L/min)

K factor (cm3/imp)




















  • Ideal for high speed and less viscous oils, such as fuels
  • High accuracy with low failure risks
  • Easy to install and setups
  • Digital turbine flow meter with pulse output

Coriolis flowmeter for oil mass flow measurement at low volume

Coriolis flowmeter for oil mass flow measurement at low volume

Coriolis meter is a mass flowmeter for the measuring of fluid flow. It follows motion mechanics for its operating systems. The device for Coriolis meter consists of a closed and curved tube that senses the fluid flow momentum. As the fluid passes through the tube, the tube goes through a phase shift. This shift corresponds to the flow rate.

Measurable fluid types

Crude oil, natural gas, clean oil, lightweight and heavy marine fuel oils are among the measuring capacity of Coriolis flow meter. It also works for different gases, steam, water, and petroleum products. Coriolis flow meter is a accurate flow meter especially for high viscosity fluids.


Commercially they are used by chemical and petrochemical industries, fuel management plants, pharmaceutics industry, natural gas plants, and water management plants.


  • 1- Capable of direct density and temperature measurement of different fluids.
  • 2- More reliability with no moving parts.
  • 3- Ease of installation, low maintenance and higher product life.
  • 4- One of the fastest and accurate mass flow measuring devices.
  • 5- Small mass flow meter sensor size can be as small as 3mm.
  • 6- Digital oil flow meter with electronic indicator and various outputs

Rotameter to be used as industrial oil flowmeter at low flow rate

Rotameter to be used as industrial oil flowmeter at low flow rate

It can be an oil flow measuring instruments specialized for extreme conditions of high pressure and temperature. It also measures the volumetric flow rate within closed pipes or tubes. It is a variable area meter with two subtypes.

1- Glass tube rotameter

2- Metal tube rotameter

This meter works by measuring the upthrust force produced by moving fluid and force of gravity with the metal or glass tubes.

Measurable fluid types

It can measure steam, gases and liquids. Low-density oils and fuels are also measurable with this device. Lightweight fuels, liquid natural gas and a few other oil types are applicable.


These meters are used in a wide range of industries including pharmaceutical and food processing plants, petroleum industries, water management plants, natural gas industry, and custody transfer plants.


  • 1- Highly accurate measurements under extreme pressure and temperature conditions.
  • 2- No fuel requirements.
  • 3- Resistant to thermal and chemical conditions.
  • 4- Low manufacturing cost and a wide range of commercial use.

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