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GWR level transmitter

GWR level transmitter

GWR level transmitter working principle

Guided wave radar level transmitter uses guided wave radar (GWR) technology.The working principle of the GWR level transmitter is based on the time travel principle. The radar wave runs at the speed of light, and the running time can be converted into a level signal by electronic components. The GWR level probe sends out high-frequency pulses and propagates along the cable probe. When the pulses meet the surface of the liquid, they are reflected back and received by the receiver in the level sensor, and the distance signal is converted into a level signal. Digital guided wave radar level transmitter can be with digital display to show liquid level, also can be configured technical parameters through the display.

GWR level transmitter advantages

  • The measurement of the fluctuating liquid is more stable. For example if there is stirring in the tank, the liquid surface fluctuates greatly. Normal type pulse radar level sensor has poor measurement result while for guided wave radar level transmitters, it can get better accurate result.
  • GWR level transmitter is more suitable for the level measurement in small tanks
  • When measuring the level in a small tank, due to the small installation and measurement space (or more interference in the tank), the non-contact type pulse radar level gauge is not applicable, while the guided wave radar can work.
  • GWR level transmitter is suitable for liquid with low dielectric constant
  • The measurement principles of non-contact pulse radar level sensors and guided wave radar level gauges are based on the difference in dielectric constant of the liquid. Because the waves emitted by non-contact radar level gauges are divergent, when the dielectric constant of the medium is too low, the signal is too weak, and the measurement will be unstable, while the wave emitted by the guided wave radar level gauge propagates along the probe, and the signal is relatively stable.
  • GWR level transmitter has a bottom detection function, which can be corrected according to the measured value of the bottom echo signal to make the signal more stable and accurate.

Disadvantages of GWR level transmitter

Guided wave radar level transmitter is not suitable for measuring corrosive and adhesive liquids, for viscous or aggressive liquid, non-contact level transmitter is better.
Inconvenient installation and maintenance of the guided wave radar level transmitter
Due to the long guided probe, it needs more complicated installation and maintenance. Non-contact pulse radar level sensor is more convenient.
GWR level transmitter cannot work on long distance level, because the probe cannot be made too long, while non-contact level transmitter can max detect 70m level.

Guided wave radar level transmitter price

Guided wave radar level transmitter price is determined by many factors:
1. Brand factors, well-known brands such as emerson, magnetrol, siemens, endress hauser are relatively high cost. However, many GWR type level transmitters are manufactured in China factory are cheap price, stable in operation and long service life.
2. The price of the guided wave radar level transmitter is related to the measuring height: the longer the measuring height, the longer the probe needed, and the higher price cost.
3. The price of the guided wave radar level meter is related to the process connection: the price of flange connection is generally higher than that of threaded connection.
4. The price of the GWR radar level meter is related to operation conditions: for the high temperature and high pressure liquid level measurement and the radar level sensor price is relatively not cheap.
5. The price of the guided wave radar level gauge is related to the measuring medium: Generally, corrosive and aggressive liquids need anti-corrosion materials, so the price is relatively high.
The price of our SILVER Automation Instruments guided wave radar level gauge starts from $500.

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