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Radar liquid level sensor

Radar liquid level sensor


Radar liquid level sensors are used to measure the level of liquids in tanks. The radio waves emitted through the transceiver are directed towards the surface of the liquid. As the density of the liquid is very much higher than the waves, these radio waves are reflected in the backward direction towards the receiver. The time lag is measured and this time is used to calculate the level of liquids.

Types of liquids to be measured by radar level transmitter

The frequency of radio waves is very high therefore a wide range of clear and crude liquids are applicable for the measurement. This range includes tap water, wastewater, acidic water, oil, slurries, and grained water, hydraulic fuels, and other thick liquids.

Advantages and features

  • 1- Media contact is null which allows wide think liquids to be applicable.
  • 2- High pulse wave frequency increases the accuracy of the measurement.
  • 3- Loss of the perceived signals is minimal for radar waves.
  • 4- The range of measurement is far greater than the ultrasonic level transmitter
  • 5- Temperature and pressure have no effect on accuracy.

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