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Ultrasonic level sensor with 4-20mA output

Ultrasonic level sensor with 4-20mA output

Ultrasonic level sensor gives continuous, non-contact and maintenance-free level measurement of fluids, pastes, sludges .etc. Ultrasonic level sensor provides economical and low price cost solution for customers. It is without digital display, the sensors provide reliable current 4-20mA output.

Technical Specifications

Range :( Liquid level measurement)
HLVT4:  0.00~4.00m (Dead zone 0.25m)
HLVT6:  0.00~6.00m (Dead zone 0.30m)
HLVT8:  0.00~8.00m (Dead zone 0.35m)
HLVT12:  0.00~12.00m    (Dead zone 0.55m)
HLVT20:  0.00~20.00m    (Dead zone 0.85m)
HLVT30:  0.00~30.00m    (Dead zone 1.25m)
Remarks: For liquid level with strong fluctuations and liquid volatility, also solid level measurement, the effective range is about 50% of the above data.
Accuracy: 0.2% of actual range (in air, calm liquid surface, standard signal strength)
Current output: DC4~20mA
Output mode: DC4~20mA (corresponding distance)
Output negative planting: 0 ~ 500Ω
Output resolution: 0.03% of the actual range
Input power: DC20 ~ 32V, 30mA
Temperature compensation: full range automatic
Working temperature: -35 ° C ~ +75 ° C
Pressure range: -0.1MP to +0.2MP (relative to standard atmospheric pressure)
Sound beam angle: 8° (3db)
Detection period: 1.5 seconds (adjustable)
Housing material: ABS / PVC / PTFE
Enclosure protection rating: IP68
Corrosion resistant and strong corrosion
Ultrasonic level probe lead cable length: 10m (can be customized cable length, in line with the loop load less than 500Ω)
Process connection: thread, flange, bracket

How it works?

The sound level that cannot be heard by human ears is termed as “Ultrasonic.” The Ultrasonic level transmitter measures the distance with the help of ultrasonic waves.

Ultrasonic level transmitter uses an ultrasonic constituent for emission and reception. The Ultrasonic level transmitter is installed on the upper side of the tank transmits an ultrasonic beat inside the tank. This beat goes inside the tank at the speed of sound and reflects when it reaches the liquid/glass surface. The transmitter senses the time delay between transmitted and received signal, distance to the liquid surface is then calculated.

The transmitter needs to be programmed concerning to bottom reference level of the tank. The elementary principle used in the calculation is described as Distance = sound velocity multiples by the time then divided by 2.

 Ultrasonic level transmitter price

The price may vary as per the model and its application in various sectors, the brand also affect ultrasonic level sensor price, Silver Automation Instruments supply cheap ultrasonic level transducer , and can be low-priced replacement or alternative ones of brand such as Endres Hauser,ABB,SIEMENS.etc. Transmitters designed for industrial purposes usually cost higher as compared to the transmitters used for domestic purposes. It is advised to consult the professionals before buying such devices according to requirements. If it is not possible, then the internet is the best tool to know about such devices. There are a lot of manufacturers that provide several models of the Ultrasonic level transmitters.

Ultrasonic level transmitter’s applications

Ultrasonic level transmitters used in various industries like power generation, chemical plants, mining, iron & steel plants, wastewater management units, and so on. The ultrasonic level meters output 4-20mA singals for precess control or remote display.

It is used as an Ultrasonic water level transmitter in the nuclear power plants to check the water level required during operations. It is also used in large scale industries to control the flow rate of a liquid. The most common use of such transmitters is to detect the liquid level of huge tanks used in such industries to avoid hazards.

Ultrasonic level transmitter has a great significance in the field of Robotics. It is used to provide more accuracy in robotic operations to make such machines work close to human abilities. By using it, a robot can sense difficult steps in any environment. This application is also helpful in the robotic equipment used in industries and manufacturing units. It helps to avoid several hazards and also increases productivity.

Ultrasonic level transmitters are also used in medium and small-sized industries and businesses. Now a day, many automated car washing centers are running so smoothly. It has become possible only because of such transmitters. It helps reduce the operating cost of car wash centers.

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