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Troubleshooting of common faults in Ultrasonic level meter

Ultrasonic level meter is a non-contact level measurement instrument for measuring liquid level of storage tanks, lakes. It has the advantages of flexible use, stable performance, high reliability, cleanliness, high accuracy, long life using, convenient installation and easy maintenance, safe operation, etc. It is suitable for food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. The measuring medium is suitable for acid level, alkali level, salt level , high temperature medium level ,water level.

1. There is stirring in the on-site container, and the liquid fluctuation is relatively large, which affects the level measurement of the Ultrasonic level meter.

Fault phenomenon: no signal or data fluctuation.

Reason: the Ultrasonic level transmitter says that measuring a few meters away means calm water. For example, 5 meters range of ultrasonic level meter, generally refers to the measurement of the calm water surface is the maximum distance of 5 meters, the actual factory will achieve 6 meters. When there is stirring in the container, the water surface is not quiet, and the reflected signal will be reduced to less than half of the normal signal.


(1) Choose a larger range of ultrasonic level sensor, if the actual range is 5 meters, then use 10 meters or 15 meters of ultrasonic level transmitter to measure.

(2) If the ultrasonic level meter is not replaced and the liquid in the tank is not viscous, the guided wave tube can be installed, and the ultrasonic level meter probe is placed in the guided wave tube to measure the height of the level meter, because the liquid level in the guided wave tube is basically stable.

(3) It is suggested to change the 2 wire  Ultrasonic level meter to 4 wire system.

2. Electromagnetic interference at the scene.

Fault phenomenon: Ultrasonic level meter data irregular beating, or simply show no signal.

Reason: There will be many motors, frequency converters and welding on the industrial site will affect the ultrasonic level meter measurement. The electromagnetic interference will exceed the echo signal received by the probe.


(1) The ultrasonic level meter must be grounded reliably. After grounding, some interference on the circuit board will run away through the ground wire. Moreover, the grounding is to be soled individually, and cannot be shared with other devices.

(2) The power supply can not be the same as the frequency converter and motor, nor can it be directly electrified from the power supply of the power system.

(3) The installation site should be far away from frequency converter, variable frequency motor and high-power electric equipment. If it can't be far away, a metal gauge box is installed outside the Ultrasonic level meter to isolate the shield, and the gauge box is also grounded.

When using the liquid level meter to measure, we also need to pay close attention to the surrounding environment. If the medium needs to be measured is some foam liquid or solid, or there are some very high voltage and current around the working environment of the liquid level meter, or the electromagnetic force. These factors will be directly affect the normal operation of the level sensor and accurate level measurement results, so be sure to ensure that its operating range is away from high voltage or high current. If the strong acid content in the working environment is too high, in order to ensure that the Ultrasonic level meter has a long service life and is not damaged by these strong acid substances, the Ultrasonic level meter probe needs to be replaced by a probe made of materials with good corrosion resistance before measuring ( such as PTFE wet part material). if you want to get the price for ultrasonic level meter and contact ultrasonic level transmitter China manufacture , do not hesitate to contact us.

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