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12 Inch magnetic flow meter

12 Inch magnetic flow meter

Electromagnetic flowmeter is a flow metering device that performs volumetric flow rate measurement according to Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction, it is for conductive liquid measurement, it can be used to take flow measurement of salt solution, water, sewage, corrosive liquids, mud, pulp, pulp, etc..
Advantage of the magnetic flowmeter including low pressure loss,no moving parts inside flow sensor, suitable for large pipe flow meter sensor, high accuracy , can work on aggressive and corrosive liquid.

12” Magnetic flow meter Technical Parameters

Sensor diameter: 12 inches, 300mm
Flowmeter accuracy: 0.5% (in-line magmeter)
Lining options: rubber, PTFE, PFA
Qty of Electrodes: 2 pairs ( one for measuring purpose ,one for grounding)
Flow range: 120 m3/h ~2400 m3/h,528~10567 GPM
Electromagnetic flow meter transmitter output: 4~20mA,frequency & pulse output
Communication: RS485,HART ,Profibus-DP options
Compact magnetic flow meter transmitter or remote type converter options
In-line flange type or insertion probe type
Reverse or forward flow rate measurement
Digital display to show total flow, instant flow information
Power supply: 24VDC ,220VAC ,battery options

12 inch magnetic flow meter price

12” mag meter price is determined by many factors, such as

  • Liner materials, PTFE, PFA, F46, rubber or Polyurethane liners, different liners, different price.
  • Electrodes materials: 316L, Hastelloy, Platinum, tantalum material ,price also different
  • Different pressure ratings, the higher pressure, the higher cost, normally is 16 bar pressure rating for flanged connection.
  • EM flow meters , magnetic flow transmitters have different functions ,such as HART ,MODBUS ,PROFIBUS-DP , all these functions affect electromagnetic flow meter cost.
  • Different housing materials, we normally equip carbon steel material , while you need stainless steel 304 or 316 , the price is different

However, Silver Automation Instruments sell cheap price 12” magnetic flow meter from reliable China flow meter factories, the price starts from USD 1000. 

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