Magnetic flow meter with Profibus-DP

Magnetic flow meter with Profibus-DP

Magnetic inductive flow meter is operated based on the Faraday’s law; it can take measurement of conductive liquid (no matter clean or dirty), such as water, waste water, slurry, aggressive liquid, chemical solutions and fluids with solid particles. Silver Automation Instruments supply in line type digital mag meter transmitter with various outputs and protocols, such as 4-20mA current, pulse, profibus-DP, hart protocol and so on.

PROFIBUS DP which is Decentralized Periphery, is the complete production automation whereby high data speed, low connection costs and plug-and-play are central, which is widely used in process control and instrumentation monitor. Profibuds-DP flow meter is also demanding by customers nowadays.

Features & Specifications

  • Profibus-DP protocol
  • Full bore electromagnetic flow meter, no pressure loss
  • Accurate measurement, no affected by fluids density, viscosity, pressure and temperature
  • Bidirectional flow measurement sensor which can measure forward and reverse fluids flow
  • Low price cost from China electromagnetic flow meter manufacturer
  • Volumetric flow meters without no moving parts and easy to maintain
  • High accuracy: 0.5%, option with 0.25%
  • By selecting different liners and electrodes to measure different fluids
  • Magnetic flow meter sensor size from DN10 to DN2000

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