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FAQ of SHD Series Electromagnetic flow meter

Can i have both pulse and 4-20mA output from SHD Series Magnetic flow meter ?
Yes. Our SHD series mag meter standard with pulse output and 4-20mA pulse output, they can be used at the same time.

What is the delivery time for the magnetic flow meter?
Normally 5-7 working days for standard configuration after payment received, but if you order tailored magnetic flow meters, you need to confirm with Silver Automation Instruments to confirm the delivery time.

I need an electromagnetic flowmeter with IP68 protection level. Can Silver Instruments provide?
Our Remote type magnetic flowmeters are available with IP68 protection.

Whether the electromagnetic flowmeter can measure in both directions,forward and reverse flow ?
Yes, the SHD Series magnetic flow meter can display both forward flow and reverse flow, the digital display can show forward and reverse instant flow and total flow.

What is the origin of Silver Automation Instruments electromagnetic flowmeter?

I need a wafer type electromagnetic flowmeter, do you have it?
At present, we do not produce wafer type mag flow sensor.

Is there thread process connection electromagnetic flowmeter?
At present, Silver Automation instruments does not supply thread connection magnetic flow meters.

Can SHD Series Mag flow meter to measure slurry flow and pulp flow ?
Yes. But slurry and pulp flow measurement is quite different from standard mag meter, please indicate the medium and get the price from Silver Automation Intruments.

What is the accuracy of your magnetic flowmeter, I need an accuracy of 0.25%,is it possible?
Our electromagnetic flowmeters are all factory calibrated to 0.5% accuracy. We can provide 0.25% accurate electromagnetic flowmeters. Please specify to SILVER AUTOMATION INSTRUMENTS when ordering.

I need to measure highly corrosive media such as nitric acid, Sulfuric Acid solution ,Hydrochloric Acid ,is it possible ?
Yes, please provide your media, temperature, pressure, flow and pipe size to Silver Automation Instruments. We will select the appropriate wetted material to measure corrosive nitric,sulfuric,hydrochloric acid.

Can the electromagnetic flowmeter be powered by a battery? Can I have GPRS communication for battery powered mag meter? Can battery powered Mag flow meter have RS485 communication?
The SHD-SE11 electromagnetic flowmeter has battery-powered options, and can be equipped with GPRS communication. Before ordering GPRS communication, please contact Silver Automation Instruments to verify if your local network is compatible with our GPRS communication. Our battery-powered electromagnetic flowmeters are also available with RS485 communication, please contact Silver Automation Instruments.

Can the electromagnetic flow meter measure pure water? Can mag flow meter also measure alcohol flow?
The medium measured by the electromagnetic flowmeter must have conductivity and cannot measure pure water and alcohol.

Can electromagnetic flowmeters be used in the in the hygienic industry? For example, measuring milk, drinking water, etc.
Yes. We can choose stainless steel housing material, tri-clover process connection, PTFE-lined electromagnetic flowmeter for the hygienic industry.

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