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  • Thermal mass flow meterThermal mass flow meter2019/06/14We supply inline or insertion probe thermal dispersion flow meter for gas or air measurement. It is a perfect solution for gas or air measurement from small pipelines to large pipelines, ducts or stac...view
  • Metal tube variable area flow meter/RotameterMetal tube variable area flow meter/Rotameter2019/06/13Metal tube rotameter is a kind variable area flow meter; it is rugged also versatile in many fluids volumetric flow measurement applications, such as liquid, air, gas or vapor. Silver Automation instr...view
  • Coriolis mass flow meterCoriolis mass flow meter2019/06/12Coriolis mass flow meter has many obvious merits and has been successfully used in a lot crucial flow metering applications. It is operated on Coriolis effect principle, and can take mass flow measure...view
  • How to configure Coriolis flow meter pulse output?How to configure Coriolis flow meter pulse output?2019/06/11Silver Automation Instruments supply rugged Coriolis mass flow meters, the standard configurations for the SH-CMF Series Coriolis flow transmitter is with 4-20mA, pulse output, and RS485.If users want...view
  • SH-CMF Coriolis  flow meter Modbus RTU configurationSH-CMF Coriolis flow meter Modbus RTU configuration2019/06/05SH-CMF Coriolis Mass flow meterRS485,Modbus RTU configurationSerial No.RegisterAddressDefinition1410010x03E8 / 1000Mass Flow2410030x03EA / 1002Volume Flow3410050x03EC / 1004Totalized Mass 4410070x03EE...view
  • Magnetic flow meterMagnetic flow meter2019/06/03Magnetic flow meter provides many obvious merits over traditional flow measurement and instrumentation in wide applications. It take measurement of conductive liquid ,even fluids with particles ,such ...view
  • Turbine Flow meterTurbine Flow meter2019/06/03Turbine flow meters are volumetric in-line sensor to detect gas or liquid flow rate; it detects low to middle flow rate, clean, low corrosive and viscosity fluids. Turbine flow meters are divided into...view
  • Turbine flowmeter advantages and disadvantagesTurbine flowmeter advantages and disadvantages2019/05/21Turbine flowmeters are widely used in petrochemicals, organic liquids, inorganic liquids, liquefied gases, natural gas and fluids at low to middle temperature .Now it is widely used which is next to o...view
  • Why should we set low flow cutoff in the flowmeter?Why should we set low flow cutoff in the flowmeter?2019/05/14The flowmeters are widely used in industrial productions; it includes measurement flow of water, steam, purified water, compressed air, natural gas, etc. electromagnetic flowmeters, vortex flowmeters,...view
  • Why we need biogas flow meters?Why we need biogas flow meters?2019/04/22At present,the biogas market is very active and is developing very rapidly. Biogas hasmany uses, such as using biogas as a vehicle fuel, or using biogas to generateelectricity and heat in a cogenerati...view
  • Why we use electromagnetic flow meter to measure sewage?Why we use electromagnetic flow meter to measure sewage?2019/04/11The electromagnetic flowmeter is an inductive meter that measures the volumetric flow of the conductive medium in the tube according to the Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction. Why we choose ma...view
  • Thermal mass flow meters overviewThermal mass flow meters overview2019/04/07A thermal mass flow meter measures the flow of mass but in a different way as compared to Coriolis flow meter. It applies the properties of conducting fluids when around heat source to operate and is ...view
  • How to choose suitable condensate water flow meter ?How to choose suitable condensate water flow meter ?2019/04/01Customers often request to measure flowrate of condensate water return from boiler or hot water pipe lines, this kindof has the features that:The water temperature is high, so the waterflow meter sens...view
  • How to Select a Flow meter ?How to Select a Flow meter ?2019/03/21With the introduction of new technologies, flow meters have come in a variety of choices that has made it difficult to choose the correct one. Either way, you need to choose the right one for importan...view
  • How to choose a biogas flow meter?How to choose a biogas flow meter?2019/03/13Biogas is mainly made up of methane(CH4), carbon dioxide(CO2) and a small amount of hydrogen(H2), carbon monoxide(CO) and hydrogen sulfide(H2S).When choosing a biogas flow meter it is important to con...view