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Types of Digital water flow meter

Different types water to be measured

The digital water flow meter is a variety of high-tech devices for monitoring the rate of flow of water flow meter, such as clean water flow meter ,waste water flow transmitter,tap water flow meter,industrial water flow meter,digital RO water flow meter,electronic effluent flow meter,digital portable water flow meter ,wastewater sludge and raw water flow meter,chiller water meter,raw river water,sea water ,water extracted from wells,Condensate water,demi water, hot water,acid water,pure water,irrigation water meter.

Remember an accurate and reliable flow measurement is essential, particularly to cost-sensitive clean drinking water. From the storage water flow in your home, digital tap water flow meter is very crucial in control and monitoring the water flow which is a matter of concern to everyone since it is an excellent way of reducing water bills and the end of the month or preventing damages resulting from damaged water systems. When choosing your drinking water flow meter, it is crucial to consider factors such as the flow meter cost, installation cost, calibration and replacement. As you compare various types of tapping water flow meters, ensure to consider the overall value and the lifespan of that particular meter.

Digital water flow meter -Liquid turbine flow meter.

digital water flow meter

How does the Liquid turbine flow meter operate?

Liquid turbine flow meters use fluid mechanical energy to rotate the pinwheel either clockwise or anticlockwise. These rotor blades are arranged in such a way to effectively use the watery force to keep the shaft spinning directly proportional to the rate of flow of the fluid. There are two fundamental techniques for monitoring the blades rotation rate. These are the magnetic and the sensor mechanism. For the magnetic method, a small magnet is attached to the blades, and as these blades, the magnet passes through a piece of metal attached at a certain angle in the meter hence the time it takes to make a complete revolution can accurately determine the rate of water flow. One advantage of these meters is that they can work effectively in any direction of water flow. it is used to measure clean water, such as used as tap water flow meters,demi water, condensate water, hot water, pure water, RO water ,chiller water flow meter.

Why use liquid turbine flow meter for water?

  • Accurate water consumption rate calculation
  • Water leaks detection by indication of flow rate in the reverse direction. Very durable
  • Real-time water consumption rate monitoring.
  • Low purchase cost electronicl water flow meter and installation cost.
  • Can accurately measure clean fluids with low viscosity and carry a low risk of developing problems or breakdown.
  • Easy to read and operate but you have to ensure correct calibrations have been made otherwise you can experience some reading problems.

Digital water flow meter-Magnetic flow meter.

digital magnetic water flow meter

Magnetic flow meters working principle is behind the Faraday law of Electromagnetic induction which is used to determine the water flow rate in a pipe. As the water moves in the tube, a proportional magnetic field is generated and transmitted by the flowing water. The already induced water results into voltage difference which is then sensed as a voltage signal by the electrodes positioned exterior wall of the flow tube. The voltage signal is directly proportional to the rate of water flow hence the faster the flow, the higher the voltage generated. By choose different kinds material of liners and electrodes , electromagnetic flow meters can be used to measure dirty water, wastewater sludge,sea water.etc.

Why use digital magnetic flowmeter for water?

  • One of the advantages of magnetic flow meter is that it produces signals that are proportional to the water flowing hence very accurate and reliable.
  • Magnetic flow meters can be installed in low-pressure water that is not necessarily from downstream or upstream and fits well in relatively shorter meter connections.
  • Low price cost for different types water flow rate measurement
  • Bi-directional water flow meter
  • Digital water flow meters with electronic display , 4~20mA output , pulse , Hart Protocol
  • Can be electronic in-line volumetric water flow meters or insertion water flow meters .
  • No moving parts inside the measuring tube , so magflow meter has long operation life.
  • It can be battery powered magnetic water flow meters for the water measurement where main power is impossible. It can even be with GPRS communication.

Ultrasonic water flow meter

Ultrasonic flow meter is a flow meter that measures the liquid flow in a circular tube based on the "speed difference method". Clamp type transducer ultrasonic flowmeter is a kind of non-invasive water flow meter which can be used to measure clean water, tap water, well water.etc.

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