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Electromagnetic flow meter can monitor aggressive liquid such as salt brine. Silver Automation Instruments offer mag meter for the brine flow measurement solution at low price cost .Magnetic flow meter reliably detects the flow rate of conductive brine, sea water or salt water.

Brine is a kind of corrosive liquid, by choosing PTFE or PFA lining material, also titanium electrodes or Hastelloy C alloy, magnetic-inductive flow meter can totally handle brine, users can even choose stainless steel housing material if the operation environment is also corrosive.

Magnetic brine flow meter Features

In-line volumetric flow meter
Teflon or PFA liner material, titanium and hastelloy C electrodes for effluent brine fluids
Digital flow meter with electronic display to show instant flow and total flow
Display with selectable engineering units: GPM, m3/h, Liter/min.,etc
Remote or integral digital display option
Bi-directional flow measurement
Flow sensor option with stainless steel housing
Mag flow transmitter has analog 4-20mA or pulse signals output
Option with Hart, RS485, Profibus-DP
No-moving parts inside the flow meter sensor
High accuracy brine flow meter with accuracy 0.5% or higher
Various flow sensor available: DN4 (1/8”) to DN2000
Can be made into high pressure brine flow meter
Power supply can be 24V DC, 220VAC or battery

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