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How to measure sewer flow? - Magnetic Flow Meters For Waste Water

A magnetic flow meter is a type of an effluent flow meter that consists of no movable parts. It is ideal for measuring effluents or wastewater and other conductive liquids. The waste water flow meter is a wastewater flow measuring devices for measuring the volume flow of various conductive fluids or liquid - solid medium in a pipe. It is widely used in metallurgical, papermaking, water conservancy, environmental protection, printing and dyeing, oil, coal and other industrial fields. It can be used to measure volume flow of various acid, alkali and salt solution, slurry, pulp, paper pulp, coal water slurry, slurry, pulp fiber, corn syrup, milk of lime, sewage, drainage, hydrogen peroxide, beer, wort, various beverages and other conductive liquid medium.In other words, it is a transducer that records the flow of liquid by measuring the voltage produced across the liquid when it flows through a magnetic field. The flow meter for effluent water typically gets comprised of a transmitter and a sensor that works together to measure the flow. The magnetic flow sensor gets to measure the induced voltage as the liquid passes through a pipe. The magnetic flow transmitter, on the other hand, takes the voltage generated as a result of liquid flow and converts it into a measurement, which is, in turn, transmitted to a centralized control system. To capture such flow measurement, we need to understand the workings behind such a flow meter.

Magnetic Flow Meter Principle

A wastewater flow meter uses Faraday's principle of electromagnetic induction to determine the speed of fluids flowing through a pipe. Electricity gets generated through this principle, where wires travel through a magnetic field to generate a voltage. Therefore, the same principle can get applied in flow meters where the magnetic field gets directed or channeled through the liquid flowing into a pipe. This is accomplished by attaching electromagnetic coils on both sides of a non-conductive flow tube. The flow tube is non-magnetic to facilitate the penetration of magnetism and magnetic field through the liquid.

Going by Faraday's law, the flow of the conductive liquid through the magnetic field causes a voltage signal to be registered. Such signals get captured by sensors on the walls of the flow tube. The voltage generated is subject to the velocity of the flowing fluid. The transmitter captures the voltage signal and processes it to determine the liquid flow.

The wastewater flow measuring devices is famous in its usage due to its attributes. We explore the reasons why its application is vast.

Advantages of the Magnetic Flow Meter for sewage water

  1. Wastewater flow meters have no moving parts and are generally non-invasive, making them long-lasting due to reduced break downs and reduced repair rate.
  2. The electrical requirement for some effluent meter can go as low as 15 watts hence making them consumption friendly.
  3. They are capable of dealing with corrosive acids and bases since their internal lining consists of materials that are corrosion resistant.
  4. They can easily measure multi-directional flow, either downstream or upstream
  5. Magnetic flow meters require a relatively small amount of metal electrode for functionality.

Electromagnetic Flow Meter for dirty water Specifications

All electromagnetic flow meter operates based on Faraday's law, which highlights the relationship between a moving conductor (fluid) and the resultant voltage created. When choosing a specifying type of wastewater flow meter, the following considerations are key;

Media conductivity, cost, accuracy, velocity of the flow, and the ease of use. Other factors such as hazardous environments, size and capacity, and pipe design are also integral specifications to consider.

How to install waste water flow meter

When the flow meter is installed, the axis of the measuring electrode must be similar to the horizontal direction, and the measuring pipe should be full of liquid. There should be no strong electromagnetic field near the flow meter with plenty of space for installation and maintenance.  If the measuring pipe has vibration, there should be a fixed support on both sides of the flow meter. The distance between the mixing point and the flow meter should be at least 30 D (D is the inner diameter of flow meter) for measuring the mixing liquid of different media. In order to facilitate the cleaning and maintenance of the flow meter in the future, the bypass pipe should be installed. When installing the flow meter of PTEF lining, the bolts connecting two flanges should be properly tightened, or the PTEF lining is crushed easily. And we'd better use torque wrench.

Sewage Flow Meter Manufacturers

There are a lot sewage flow meters factories to produce magnetic flow meters. Such as ABB,Kronhe, Yokogawa, Siemens.etc. But Silver Automation Instruments supply cheap and robust waste water magnetic flow meters for customers as top brand economical replacement.

Conclusion of EM flow meter

it is wise to enlist the service of a qualified technician rather than implementing a D-I-Y approach to get the best out of your purchase of sewage flow meter.

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