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Low cost flow meter

Low cost flow meter from China flow meter manufactures with rugged construction and fast delivery time.

Low cost SLW Series Turbine flow meter (TUF)

These flow meters are for RO water, tap water, condensate water, gasoline, solvents, diesel, edible oil.,etc. It is a kind of volumetric flow sensor with high accuracy; it can have digital outputs, current (4-20mA) outputs, RS485 or Hart protocol. Senor size is from 1/4 inch to 8 inch. The proven technology provides a reliable flow measuring solutions at economical price.

Low cost SHD series magnetic flow meter

Mag meter price is now starting at USD 360, which is now really cheap price. It is designed to measure conductive fluids, such as chemical solution, aggressive acid, waste water, water etc. Full bore electromagnetic flow meter provides in line type mag sensor with size from 10 to 2000mm with digital display units m3/h,GPM, L/h and so on. Frequent request size such as 1 inch, 2 inch , 3inch ,4 inch, 10 inch ,24 inch magnetic flow meter,It has no moving parts, and no pressure loss, also with high accuracy.

Low cost LC oval gear flow meter

Mechanical register oval gear flow meter with cast iron price is at low cost for flow measurement of diesel, gasoline, heavy oil, molasses, syrups, and ethanol. It is a kind of positive displacement bulky flow meter can be used in harsh environment or high viscosity liquid measurment, also with very high accuracy. However if you need more functions ,such as digital oval meter, or with various communication such as RS485 or Hart protocol, the price will be a little higher, also stainless steel material affect the price a lot .

Low cost Variable area flow meter (rotameter)

This type VA flow meter can be used to measure gas, liquid, or even vapor. It is a perfect metering solution for low flow measurement. We supply local pointer type flow indicator, also we sell digital type with display to show instant flow and total flow , we also have Hart type, RS 485 type flow meter. The normal type Variable are flow meter is with flow direction from bottom to up, we also have horizontal flow position flow sensor.

Low price Thermal mass flow meter

Gas or air flow measurement is always expensive also complicated, however Silver Automation Instruments supply low cost air flow sensor without temperature and pressure compensation to get the normal flow. The price is from USD 880. It is digital gas transmitter with SCFM , Nm3/h, kg/h flow measurement units.

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