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Oil flow meter price

The price of oil flow meters is determined by many factors. The main factors are:

Oil flow meter types affect oil flow meter price:

Such as is it positive displacement flow meter, or Coriolis flow meter, or turbine flow meter or vortex flow meter, different oil flow meter working principle, different price. We choose oil flow meters types according to the oil viscosity, oil temperature and pressure, oil flow meter accuracy, customer budget etc.

Oil Flow sensor size affect oil flow meter price:

Oil Flow meter sensor size is determined the price a lot, normally the large size the higher cost. Oil flow meter sensor size varies from DN3 to DN200 ( 8 inch oil flow meters). It is normally inline oil flow meter.

Flow meter material affect oil flow meter price:

Oil Flow sensor material also affect the oil flow meter price, normally the material can be cast iron , cast steel , stainless steel , aluminum oil flow meter.,etc. The material is normally selected according to the oil type , it can be lube oil, hydraulic oil, heavy oil , fuel oil, editable oil, fish oil, furnace oil, Motor Engine Oil, mobil oil , diesel, palm oil,l light olive oil, Coconut oil, Cooking oil, vegetable oil,  soy bean oil, waste oil, frying oil, petroleum, sunflower oil, transmission oil.
for example stainless steel positive displacement oil flow meter 1 inch can be 980 dollors, while go for cast steel material , one inch mechanical oval gear flow meter cost is only USD 340.

Flow meter functions affect oil flow meter price:

Such as oil flow meter digital, mechanical oil flow meter, HART, RS 485 etc, digital oil flow meter transmitter can be with 4-20mA or Hart, it also possible with LCD display to show oil flow rate and totalized oil flow. Oval gear flow meter can be mechanical type oil flow meters for petro, diesel with cast iron material with very low cost from 130 USD.

Flow meter manufacture affect flow meter price:

Flow meter from China or India is normally cost less than made in US or European countries.

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