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A temp sensor is a sensor that can feel temperature and convert it into a useful output signal. Temperature sensor is the core part of a temperature measurement instrument. The temp sensor is divided into two categories -- contact type and non-contact type, according to different measuring methods. While it can also be divided into thermal resistance type and thermocouple type according to the materials and electronic components.

The thermal resistance of the temp sensor changes along with the different temperature, at the same time, the resistance value changes correspondingly.

For different metals, the change of resistance value is different in responding different temperature. And the resistance value can be directly used as an output signal. There are two types of resistance, one of which is the positive temperature coefficient -- the increase of temperature equals to the increase of resistance, the decrease of temperature equals to the decrease of resistance. While the negative temperature coefficient means that the temperature rise results in the decrease of resistance and the decrease of temperature causes the rise of resistance.

The thermistor uses semiconductor materials; most of the thermistor is negative temperature coefficient, that is, the resistance decreases with the increase of temperature. The temperature change can cause major changes of resistance, so it is the most sensitive temperature sensor. However, the linearity of the thermistor is very poor and its performance depends greatly on production process while no manufacturer can offer a standardized thermistor curve now.
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