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Soy bean oil flow meter

It is suitable for soy oil metering in closed pipes; it has good wear resistance, high precision, robust construction and lowest price, we have stainless steel material for the oil flow sensor for food industry or Sanitary and Hygienic purpose, we have both volumetric flow meter and mass flow meter for different control and measurement purpose. Silver Automation Instruments supply China made soy bean oil meter from quality flow meter manufacturer.

Soy bean flow meter Features

✔ Flow meter types: Oval gear flow meter (PD flow meter), turbine flow meter, Coriolis mass flow meter, Variable area flow meter
✔ Mechanical type (mechanical register counter to show instant flow and total flow) or digital type oil flow transmitter
✔ Different flow meter units option: m3/h,GPM,L/h,L/min,kg/h
In-line oil flow rate meter
✔ Flow meter size: DN4 ~DN200, frequent request size: 1” size oil meter, 2” ,3 inch or 4 inch oil flow meter sensor
✔ Material: 304 stainless steel or 316 SST, 316L
✔ Process connection: Tri-clamp, thread or flange
✔ Communication: HART, or MODBUS soy bean oil flow transmitter
✔ Battery powered type, no powered (mechanical type), or 24 VDC power supply option

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