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Xylene flow meter

Xylene flow meter

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Why need to measure xylene flow rate?

Xylene(C8H10) is an organic compound. It is a colorless and transparent liquid and is miscible with absolute ethanol, chloroform, ether and many other organic solvents. Combustion (decomposition) products: carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide.

Industrial o-xylene is used as the raw material, first washed with industrial concentrated sulfuric acid until the acid layer is colorless, then washed with 10% sodium hydroxide solution and water to pass, separated the water layer, dried with anhydrous calcium chloride, and then rectified. After the distillate is clear, collect the middle distillate, which is the pure xylene. We need xylene flow meters .It is widely used as a thinner for pigments, paints, etc., as a solvent in printing, rubber, and leather industries, as a solvent in coatings, resins, dyes, inks and other industries; xylene can be used as a synthetic monomer or solvent in industries such as medicine, explosives, and pesticides ; It can also be used as a high-octane gasoline component and an important raw material for organic chemicals. It can also be used to remove asphalt from the car body. For its importance, many manufactures need to take measurement of xylene flow or need batch control or dosing.

Xylene flow meter types

There are many industrial flow meter devices for xylene .There are inline volumetric flow meters, such as turbine flow meters or oval gear flow meters or mass flow meters, such as Coriolis flow meters. Gear flow meter which is a kind of positive displacement flow meters can take accurate measurement of xylene at low flow rate.  Liquid turbine flow meter is a kind of economical  and low cost xylene flow transmitter; Liquid turbine flow meter can measure low viscosity and non-corrosive liquid, such as water, petroleum products, and chemical liquids, solvent.

Features of liquid turbine flow meter for xylene

  • Applications: xylene flow rate measurement
  • Xylene flow sensor size: 4mm, 6mm, 3/8”, 1/2”, 1”, 2”, 2.5 inch, 3”, 4 inch, 6” or even 8 inch (DN200)
  • High accuracy, generally ±0.5%R, high-precision type can reach ±0.2%R
  • Digital flow transmitter with pulse, frequency or current 4-20mA output
  • Option with digital display to show totalized xylene flow and instant flow rate (m3/h, GPM, LPH)
  • Turn down ratio: 10:1
  • Xylene Flow converter can be with HART or RS485, MODBUS RTU.
  • Inline flow meter with flange (JIS, 10K, ASME, 150LB, 300LB), thread ( NPT, BSP,etc)
  • Max fluids temperature can be 150 °C ( 302°F)
  • Can be with wafer connection for high pressure flow meters
  • Xylene flow meter price starts from $250
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