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Chemical dosing flow meter-magnetic meter

Chemical dosing flow meter-magnetic meter

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Electromagnetic flow meter for chemical dosing

Primary devices construction

  • The Magnetic flow meter tube:
  • Be lined with a non-corrosive material suitable for use with the respective liquid;
  • Be fitted with three 316 stainless steel electrodes that are connected to the potted coils, one electrode is used for earthling purposes in lieu of the earthling rings;
  • Be fitted with 3mm thick 316 stainless steel earth rings
  • The size of the flow tube offered is dimensionally as close as possible to the pipe sizes whilst maintaining velocity ranges that shall provide accuracy in operation for the flow tube and secondary equipment.
  • The maximum working pressures, flange sizes and drilling is in accordance with AS 4087 Table ‘C’or other standard ,such as DIN standard.
  • Before being delivered to site, seal the flow tubes to prevent ingress of water into the terminal box and any other part of the flow tube which may be susceptible to water damage.
  • Flow tube enclosure rating: IP68.
  • Accuracy of the primary element shall be + 0.25% of flow over the full range.
  • DN10~DN2000 size available, often request 2" chemical dosing flow meter, or 4" chemical dosing flow meter

Secondary devices construction

  • The secondary devices comprise the localised amplifier/transmitter/excitation source/surge protection equipment; all mounted in an IP 65 enclosures.
  • Wire the 220 V AC power supply for the transmitter from a dedicated circuit breaker located within the electrical switchboard. Be responsible for supplying and installing this wiring.
  • The coil drive is AC that provides stable reliable operation from a 50 Hz single phase power supply.
  • Use the 4 - 20 mA output from the transmitter for recording and totalising the flow.
  • The milliampere output is proportioned to flow and is capable of driving a 600 ohm impedance or better.
  • A pulse output from the transmitter is also available.
  • Velocity settings is adjustable and be such that it shall be altered on site without special equipment.
  • Accuracy rate of the meter ± 0.5 % over 10% to 100% of maximum flow
  • Repeatability ± 0.2 %
  • Linearity ± 0.2 % over 10% to 100% of range
  • Locate the magnetic flow meter transmitter’s controller in the switch room for the pumps.
  • Supply and install all special cabling between the primary device and transmitter is availabl
  • Provide local display of flow rate and totalised flow on the switchboard.
  • Click below for more technical specifcations of magnetic flowmeter
  • chemical dosing flow meter
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