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Process Instruments used in Poultry Industry

Below is a reference application which process instruments used in Poultry Industry. Let’s see the case how we choose instruments to measure liquid flow, gas flow, also temperature and pressure information.

We are interested to know more about the instruments that your company offers. Specifically, we need magnetic flow meter to measure substrate from biogas plants, Thermal mass flow meter to measure biogas flow rate, and temperature and pressure transmitter to measure from the internal part of the digester. The medium is substrate from laying hens guano at 10% of dry matter. The operational temperature is 38-40°C. Also, we need more of this temperature transmitter but to measure inside a 75 mm PPR pipe. In this case, the medium is water and the temperature range is for 30-90°C.

Magnetic flow meter
Here is the information that you need:

1.       Magnetic flow meter: (with display)
a.       Substrate: laying hen guano liquated at 10% of dry matter. This should be corrosive.
b.       Electrode material: 316 SS
c.       Mag meter Flow meter size: DN150
d.       Flow range: the average flow of substrate is 16,1 m3/h
e.       Operation temperature: 38 -40 °C
f.       Mag sensor Operation pressure: 1-3 bar

2.       Biogas flow meter: (with display)
a.       Average flow: 615 m3/h
b.       Biogas composition: 65% CH4, 35% CO2
c.       Pipe size: 148 mm internal diameter.
d.       Operation temperature: 38°C
e.       Operation pressure: 100-120mbar

3.       Pressure transmitter: (without display)
a.       Connection: ½’’ NPT
b.       Pressure Range: 0 – 650 cm H2O
c.       Operation temperature: 38°C

4.       Temperature transmitter: (without display)
The temperature transmitter will be mounted in a plastic tube-PPR; PPR is a plastic tube special for hot liquid transportation. At the tube it is installed a screwed connection and then, the sensor is screw up upon this connection. That way, the sensor is placed at the center of the pipe diameter. Below is an example of a screwed PPR connection.

Temperature transmitter

a.       Connection: ½’’ NPT
b.       Sensor length: as long as possible (here we have an offer for 1200mm)

Thanks for your interest in our instrumentations, see below model selection for your application:
Magnetic flow meter for Substrate:
Model: SHD-SE11/150/E0/L1/1D/E/P0/0/S0/H0/F0/G0/0
SHD-SE11/150/E0/L1/1D/E/P0/0/S0/H0/F0/G0/ Ex
SHD-Silver Automation Instruments
SE11- Standard type (0.5% accuracy)
150-DN150 Flow range:
E0-Electrode material:316LSS
L1-Liner material: PTFE
1D-Rated pressure-DIN PN16
E-Working temperature : <60℃
P0-Protection Grade: IP65
0-Converter Type: Compact
S0-Ouput signal: 4-20mA
H0-Housing material: CS
F0-Material of body: CS
G0-220V AC power supply
Ex-Explosion proof Exd eia IICT3~T6

2) Biogas Flow meter,
Thermal mass flow meter
Model: SRK-100-150-PIW-19-6-A1-T0-P1-D-1-A0-E
SRK-100-Silver Automation Instruments Thermal Mass Flow meter
150-Flow meter size: DN150
PIW-Sensor Structure*1-Insertion Type, Weld base
19-Probe Diameter:φ19(standard)
6-Thermal mass meter Probe Material:316
A1-With Explosive-Proof
T0-Flow meter operation Temperature range :-20~60℃
P1-Operation Pressure: 0-1.0MPa
D-Power Supply: 24V DC
A0-No alarm
E-Thermal mass meter with display

3) Pressure transmitter
Model Selection : A-SH308-G-1-2-2-I
A-4-20mA Output (0.5% accuracy)/2 wire
SH308-Diffusive Silicon Pressure Transmitter
G-Pressure Type: Gauge pressure Trasnmitter
1-Without display
2-Pressure Measuring Range:0-100KPa
2-Process connections:1/2"NPT
E-Explosion proof: Exd ii BT5

4) temperature transmitter
RTD with 4-20mA temperature transmitter
ST14-Explosion proof MI RTD
GA-Terminal head with cast aluminum material
L-Total length 1350mm
F- Sheath 0D: 6mm
3-Single wire
M-Temperature range:0-300℃
B-Accuracy class Class B
1/2"NPT-Process connection
1200-Insertion length.1200mm
Reference picture:
temperature transmitter

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