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Full bore electromagnetic flow meter

Full bore electromagnetic flow meter


Full bore electromagnetic flowmeter is a flow measurement instrument made by the principle of electromagnetic induction, which can be used to measure the volume flow (flow) of conductive liquid. The magnetic flow sensor has almost no pressure loss, no moving parts inside, and the electrodes and lining is easy to solve the flow measurement of corrosive media. It is not affected by the temperature, pressure, density and flow state of the measured medium during the detection process, and there is no measurement hysteresis.

Features of Full bore electromagnetic flow meter

  • The measuring tube of full bore magnetic flow sensor is a smooth straight tube without a flow resistance detection element,so it is not easy to obstruct, it is suitable for measuring liquid-solid two-phase fluids containing solid particles or fibers, such as pulp, coal water slurry, mineral slurry, mud and sewage.,etc
  • The magnetic type flow meter does not generate pressure loss. Full bore electromagnetic type flow meter is most suitable for large-size water supply pipelines that require low resistance loss.
  • The volume flow rate measured by the inductive flow meter is actually not significantly affected by changes in fluid density, viscosity, temperature, pressure, and conductivity (as long as it is above a certain threshold).
  • Flow rate detected by magnetic flow sensor is between 0.5~ 10m/s. Full bore mag meter has wide sizes, from 4mm (1/8”) to 2m
  • Full bore mag flow meter can measure the forward and reverse flow meter, it is bidirectional flow meter.
  • By choosing the variety of liner and electrode materials which is in contact with the fluid, full bore mag flow sensor can be applied to aggressive fluids.

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