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Flow meter for Chemical measurement

Measuring Flow in the Chemical Industry

The chemical industry relies on the accurate measurement of liquids and gases for efficient and safe production. Flow meters, also known as flow indicators or flow gauges, are essential devices that quantify the volume or mass of fluids passing through pipes and equipment. With so many hazardous and valuable substances involved, choosing the right chemical flow meter technology is critical.

Flow meters for aggressive chemicals

Corrosive chemicals like acids, caustics, and solvents require specially designed flow meters. Traditional mechanical flow meters with moving parts can fail quickly when exposed to these fluids. Magnetic flow meters are an ideal solution for aggressive chemicals. They contain no moving components and use chemical electromagnetic sensors to measure flow.

Chemical Magnetic flow meters pass an electrical current through the fluid using electrodes lined with materials like Tantalum to resist corrosion. When this charged liquid passes through a magnetic field, a voltage is generated that is proportional to the flow rate. This enables precise real-time chemical flow measurement without obstructing the fluid. With appropriate electrode and liner materials, magnetic flow meters can handle highly corrosive substances and chemicals.  Flow measurement of chemical liquids such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, potassium hydroxide, strong sodium oxide, nitric acid, citric acid, chlorine water, etc

Turbine flow meters are also suitable for some less aggressive chemicals. As fluid passes through it, an internal rotor spins proportionally to the flow rate. This rotation is detected to calculate the volume. Turbine meters are reliable and accurate for clean liquids like solvents, diesel fuels, ethanol, and water solutions. Their flow sensors are compact and cost-effective for high pressure chemical flows.

We also have a PE material turbine flow meter to handle corrosive chemcials. we have chemcial flow sensor from 1/2" to DN65mm.It can be used to measure very corrosive liquid .
Flow meters for aggressive chemicals

Flow meters for low flow rates chemical

Measuring very low flow rates chemical presents technical challenges. Rotameters are simple, economical flow meters perfect for minimal flows. Consisting of a tapered tube and floating disk, they visually indicate flow rate on a scale. When fluid flows upward, the float rises to the level matching the flow rate.
Metal and polymer tubes allow rotameters to measure corrosive chemicals. They can also be outfitted with electronic outputs like 4-20 mA transmitters for instrument control and data monitoring. Their portability, durability, and low cost make rotameters ideal for small low flow chemical applications.
Micro Oval gear flow meters are also capable of measuring tiny liquid flows precisely. Inside two oval rotors mesh to trap fluid in the pockets between their teeth. As they rotate they displace a volume proportional to the flow. High resolution electronic sensors detect even minute flows down to 0.1 ml/min.Micro Oval gear meters are accurate and repeatable for additives, solvents, reagents, and other chemicals.
Flow meters for low flow rates chemical

Flow meters for viscous chemical liquid

Viscous chemicals like resins, paints, and heavy oils require flow meters robust enough to handle their thickness and resistance to flow. The complicated Coriolis force created as fluids pass through vibrating flow tubes allows Coriolis flow meters to measure mass flow directly. This unique technology provides accuracy unmatched by other viscous flow meter designs.
Flow meters for viscous chemical liquid
Oval gear flow meters can also manage higher viscosity fluids. As the fluid pushes the oval gears to rotate it generates pulsating flow. Integrated electronics translate this to precise flow volumes. The pocketed rotors help break up fluids, making oval gear meters suitable for chemicals like slurries, pastes, and adhesives. Their tight seals contain difficult flowing media.

Advanced chemical flow meter capabilities

↝   Modern chemical plants demand more than just flow measurement. Advanced digital flow meters offer capabilities like:
Custody transfer data logging for batch tracking
Automatic temperature and pressure compensation
Remote monitoring and control via 4-20mA, HART, Modbus, Ethernet, and wireless communication, hence digital chemical flow meters are required.
Real-time flow computer integration
Multi-variable process monitoring
Diagnostic health checks and verification
Chemical flow meter with Explosion-proof, weatherproof, and corrosive-resistant enclosures

With facilities handling valuable, hazardous, and sensitive chemicals, having reliable and intelligent flow meters is essential. The right Cchemical flow meter technology prevents losses, maximizes efficiency, and ensures safety. Whether coping with aggressive acids, sticky resins, or barely-there additions, today’s chemical flow meters enable precise flow control for even the most demanding chemical processes.
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