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Coriolis flow meter for slurry

We are often encountered with the applications such as: slurry and sludge flow measurement, paper and pulp measurement, mining slurry, molasses, slurry copper, cement slurry flow rate measurement. In that case we often recommend Coriolis flow meter for slurry flow measurement.

What is slurry?

Slurry is a semi-liquid mixture of solids that are particularly denser than water, such as particles of cement, coal, or manure suspended in a liquid, mainly water. The slurry is a typical concrete transporting means where the liquid becomes the means of a carrier that is usually pumped by various devices like the centrifugal pump. The substantial particle size can vary from as low as one micron to a few hundreds of millimeters. Under an absolute minimum velocity, the particles are likely to settle on the pipe with the mixture, assuming the Newtonian fluid or sometimes the non-Newtonian fluid,

Slurry physical property

Designing a reliable Slurry flow meter demands you understand the physical properties of a slurry. Some of the low properties to consider are the settling rates, the slurry density, and viscosity. Note the material properties aren’t obtained from the already existing data or empirical correlation, and therefore testing is necessary before you begin your designing phase.

Why is slurry hard to measure?

The physical properties of the liquid change significantly after mixing with the slurry. It, therefore, becomes challenging to determine the viscosity of the slurry, mainly due to the varying concentration of solids or varying particle sixes in the pipe, unlike in the typical plant activities. Solid accumulation along a single point in a tube can cause internal pipe blockage, thus resulting in pipe bursts. Remember, laboratory experiment work may not be of great importance. The type of the viscometer used, primarily during the experimentation process, also can influence the measurement results you can obtain.

What is the Coriolis flow meter?

The Coriolis flowmeter for slurry is globally recognized with over a hundred thousand Coriolis flowmeter installed in various slurry and sludge applications. Although measuring the slurry viscosity is a challenging task due to the low viscosity nature of most slurry mixtures, the high viscosity flow meter overcame the challenge. This is because the liquid pressure has little or no significant effect on a non-compressible fluid density. Since the density and viscosity changes as the solid particle concentration vary, the slurry flows in the pipe changes, too, the resulting pressure difference, which changes in flow rate alongside the pipeline.

Why use Coriolis flowmeter for  slurry?

The Coriolis flowmeter has been designed to measure and control the slurry volume in a pipe either at a continuous rate or intermittent measurement. Some of its advantage is that it can accurately measure a wide range of measuring parameters, has a relatively small pressure loss, high temperature, and high viscosity adaptability.
It has a convenient installation and calibrations thus making it essential gear for your slurry measurement. The Coriolis flowmeter is further equipped with the character wheel accumulators and pointer that accurately displays the direct liquid flow as well as the instantaneous liquid flow in the pipe. Note for an accurate counting mechanism, the extra signaling gear, as well as the electronic display, can accurately detect the quantitative, centralized, and instantaneous flow of remote transmission. The heat sink measures temperatures variation resulting in high or low liquid viscosity. You can as well measure different liquids with various chemical compositions such as acidic, alkaline — organic solution,s among others.

Advantages to use Coriolis meter for slurry & sludge

Higher resolution
Can be used for high viscosity slurry flow measurement
Greater accuracy.
Compact Flow meter design
Flow rate available including the total flow
Lightweight and cost-effective for your fuel measurements
Features such as Actual flow, consumption in overflow, and normal mode.

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