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Batch control Coriolis flow meter

Batch control Coriolis flow meter

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Coriolis meter with integrated totaliser for batch dosing functions can be used in fluids dosing systems in lot industries and markets, this function can save the cost for needing extra batch control devices. Users can easily configure the parameters on the Coriolis flow transmitters by the keyboard.


Coriolis mass flow meters in batching applications
Direct and true mass flow measurement with high accuracy
Can be used in liquid, gas or mix fluids measurement, used in a lot tough applications
Beside fluids mass flow, it can also detect fluids density and concentration at the same time
Stainless steel material Coriolis sensor
Various sensor size from DN3 to DN200 (8 inch coriolis flow meter)
Different process connection: weld joints, thread,tri-clamp for food industry, flange
Frequency ,current outputs , RS485, HART Protocol

Batch control Coriolis Wiring

IN + \– :Batch Control input terminal
01 + \– :Valve 1 wiring
02 + \– :Valve 2 wiring
G : 220V AC protective connect toneutral
N:220V AC Zero line
L:220V AC Live line
485A\485B : RS485 communication, baud rate 9600.IP address”1”
Fo + \–: Frequency output(instant mass or volume flow
mA + \–: Current output ( instant flow or density output)
DR+:sensor drive (red)
GND: sensor drive (yellow)
L+:sensor inspect (blue)
GND: sensor inspect (purple)
R+:sensor inspect (yellow)
GND: shield
TEMP: temp sensor (white)
GND: temp sensor (black)

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