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Rosin can be an organic solvent extracted from petroleum, is cheaper than frankincense and is also used as a perfume. It is more viscous and easy to dry. New colors and ordinary pastel pigments are commonly used for color matching, but high-grade pastels are not suitable. It is also possible to add kerosene and mix it by heating to become a tender oil for use in painting. This resin oil is a common name for white alcohol, mainly aliphatic hydrocarbons, and is also used to dilute paints and is extremely flammable.
it is a kind of high viscous medium , and we often use positive displacement flow meter ( oval gear flow meter ) or coriolis mass flow meter to measure resin flow rate.
You can buy mechanial flow meter without power source , or you can have digital flow meter with pulse or analogue output . we even provide RS485 and Hart protocol for different kinds control purpose.

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