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Chlorine Pressure Gauge

Chlorine Pressure Gauge

What is Chlorine (Cl2 )?

Chlorine Pressure Gauge is kind of pressure measurement device.
Chlorine gas (Cl2 ) is a yellow-green gas under normal temperature and pressure, with a strong pungent odor, and its chemical properties are very lively and toxic. Chlorine molecule is composed of two chlorine atoms. It is slightly soluble in water, soluble in lye, and soluble in organic solvents such as carbon tetrachloride and carbon disulfide. Chlorine is mainly used in the chemical industry, especially in the organic synthesis industry, to produce plastics, synthetic rubber, dyes and other chemical products or intermediates. It is also used in bleaching agents, disinfectants, and synthetic drugs. Wet chlorine is also used to make bleaching powder, bleached pulp and cloth, synthetic hydrochloric acid, make chloride, disinfect drinking water, synthetic plastics and pesticides. A lot of chlorine is also needed to refine rare metals. Chlorine pressure gauge is normally used in dry or wet chlorine metering services, gas chlorination systems, fire pumps or agricultural sprayers, chlorine gas cylinders.

Why Chlorine (Cl2 ) pressure is hard to measure ?

For chlorine pressure gauge, it should be first anti-corrosive pressure range, the manometer wet parts material should be better with Teflon. Also the wet chlorine pressure gauge could be low pressure gauge that is capsule pressure gauge. For chlorine pressure measurement, it is also could be vacuum pressure gauge

Chlorine Service Pressure Gauges

  • Manometer dial 150mm (6 inches), 100mm (4”) or 2.5”
  • All stainless steel pressure gauges: Movement 304, socket and bourdon 316
  • Diaphragm material: SS316+PTFE coated
  • Chlorine pressure gauge accuracy: 2.5
  • Can be made into low pressure gauge, -500~2500 mmWC or 25Kpa
  • Process connection:1"ANSI B16.5 150#RF Flanged 316SS+PTFE lined ,or option with thread 1/2”NPT or BSP
  • Option with glycerin filled case
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