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Low volume flow meter

Low volume flow meter

  • Low flow high viscosity flow meter

    Low flow high viscosity flow meter

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    Low flow rotameter

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Low volume fuel flow meter

Low volume fuel flow meters is used to measure fuel consumption in the fuel monitoring system of vehicles, marine ,vessel, engines, generators, boiler, automotive, stationary fuel dispensers ,measuring fuel from tank to tank.,etc .
Low volume flow meter to measure fuel types:
Fuel can be below kinds: Diesel fuel, petrol fuel, gasoline, kerosene, LPG, coal tar, ethanol, fossil fuels, jet fuel, biodiesel, diesel marine, and cylinder oil.
Low volume flow meter means it can measure fuel at ultra low flow rate with flow unit: ml/min or L/h. You can buy low volume fuel flow meter from us with flow as low as 0.6 L/ h (10 ml/min) from us.
Which flow metre is used for low volume flow Measurement purpose?
We recommend gear flow meter to be used as low volume flow meter. It is a kind of volumetric flow meter, not a mass flow meter.

Digital Low flow meter features:

  • Low volume fuel flow meter is a kind of electronic positive displacement flow meter with pulse output or analog (4-20mA) output. The electronic PD flow meter option with LCD display to indicate total fuel, accumulative fuel, batch (reset) total functions.
  • Pulse output fuel flow meter, 1pulse/liter option
  • Microfluidic flow meter option with RS485 or Hart Protocol
  • Micro fuel flow meter has small but durable volume, light weight and fast response, also with high accuracy up to 0.5%.
  • Low volume fuel flow meter is made of stainless steel 304, 316, 316L, option with aluminum alloy, PP material.
  • Inline diesel fuel flow meter also can be made into high temperature or high pressure type
  • Various low volume liquid flow sensor: 2mm,4mm,1”, 3/8 inch,5/8”.,etc
  • No straight pipeline needed before or after low flow rate flow sensor

Low volume oil flow meter

Low volume flow meter for oil types:
Gear flow meter can also measure low volume oil flow rate, the oil can be heavy oil, synthetic oil, edible oil, vegetable oil, motor oil, mobil oil, palm olein oil, lube oil,sunflower oil, cooking oil, bunker oil, crude oil, furnace oil, thermal oil, Crude Palm Oil ,animal oil, grease. ,etc
Low volume liquid flow meter features:
Low volume oil flow meter for high temperature: the high temperature for the low flow positive displacement flow meter is 170℃.
Low volume flow meter for high pressure: max bear 400 Bar (5800 PSI)
Low volume flow meter for high viscosity: max oil viscosity can reach to 10000 CP.

Low volume gas flow meter

Low volume gas flow meter
Silver Automation Instruments develops a kind of low volume gas flow meter with compact design to measure gas or air, compressed air at micro flow. Low flow gas mass flow meter can be applied in laboratory, industrial and hazardous areas. The mini gas flow meter can detect low flow as low as 0-21000 ml/min. It is micro thermal mass flow meter. Thermal gas mass flow meter is an instrument that uses the principle of heat conduction to measure gas or air flow. The gas sensor uses the constant temperature difference method to accurately measure the gas mass flow.
Features of Low volume gas flow meter
  • Low volume gas can be detected by the gas flow sensor: Helium gas, Natural Gas, methane gas, argon, O2(oxygen), H2(Hydrogen gas) ,HCL gas, LPG gas, compressed air, air, biogas, lab gas.,etc
  • Low volume gas flow meter size: 1/8 inch,3/16 inch,1/4”,3/8”,1/2”.,etc
  • Low pressure gas flow meter:  micro thermal mass flow meter can detect gas flow rate at very low pressure.
  • Micro gas flow meter option with explosion-proof used in hazardous area or environment in Zone 1.ATEX
  • Low volume gas flow meter flow unit option: ml/min,  SCCM, SCFM.,et
  • Electronic micro gas flow meter, loop power 24V DC, Output flow 4 to 20mA.RS485, option with relay or alarm outputs, digital display to show gas low flow rate and total flow. Output can connect to data logger to record and display purpose.
  • Gas mass flow transmitter, no need for pressure or temperature correction
  • All wet parts material is anti-corrosive material: 316L

Low volume water flow meter

Low volume water flow meter
Silver Automation Instruments also sell low volume water flow meter at low price cost with fast delivery time. Low volume water flow meter can be micro turbine flow meter or electromagnetic flow meter.

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